5 Powerful Prenatal Affirmations For A Peaceful Pregnancy

When you first become pregnant, it’s a wild and scary ride.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and absolutely miraculous. But it’s also wild.

Your body is changing and your emotions run wild. You get nervous about things that you had previously never thought of. Besides the fact that your body is actually shifting and moving to make space for another human being, your mind must do the same.

It’s true. Women who conceive unexpectedly (like me) are significantly more likely to experience anxiety related to fear of giving birth. So, you’re not alone.

This is where my yoga practice really came in handy.

Every day since I first discovered yoga, I’ve been practicing. This includes yoga flows, Kundalini, mantra chanting, meditation, and affirmations.

So when I found out I was pregnant, and all the nerves came with it, I turned to my practice to help me get into my pregnancy flow. Yoga is especially beneficial to women and my prenatal affirmations helped me zero in on what was most important during my pregnancy (my health and my baby) and forget the rest (my anxiety).

Here are the top five affirmations that helped me through my pregnancy:

1. I accept myself completely here and now.

Listen, there was a lot of shame and guilt that came with all that anxiety. I wondered if I wasn’t ‘woman enough’ (whatever that means) just because I was scared to be pregnant and give birth. I let these dark thoughts swirl in my head until I felt dizzy! Finally, I had had enough. That’s when I added this affirmation to my practice because it was important to me to accept myself, the woman that I was right there in that moment, and everything that she was processing.

Add this to your daily practice if you need help reminding yourself that you are doing exactly as well as you’re expected to. This could work even if you’re not pregnant!

2. My baby senses the peace I feel.

When you’re pregnant, you’re undeniably connected to your baby. Every single rise in your heartbeat, stress, or rush of love flows right through your baby. At times, this would really freak me out. What if I was too stressed or too worked up? But it’s okay because these are human emotions and human chemicals that make up the entire human experience.

And that’s an important part of your baby’s development, too.

So even as you experience the gamut of emotions and experiences, trust that it’s all working out exactly as it’s meant to be. Feel peace in that. And trust that your baby will feel that too.

3. I am open and accepting of my pregnancy experience.

Not everyone has a beautiful and easy pregnancy experience. Some of us get really sick, like can’t-get-out-of-bed-for-six-months sick. Others of us turn into hormone monsters, totally unsatisfied with anything and everything around us. And most of us experience lots of new aches and pains that we didn’t know were possible.

I don’t say this to scare you (keep the anxiety in check, remember). But I say this because it’s just how it is. Sometimes this is the way pregnancy looks and feels. And if that’s your fate in your pregnancy experience, then it’s easier to accept it than to fight it. Once you accept it, you can laugh and focus on all the good stuff!

4. I trust my intuition when it comes to my baby.

When you’re a mother for the first time, it’s easy to get caught up in the whole, ohmygoshidon’tknowwhati’mdoing panic. But you know what? Your body was literally designed to give birth, so you do know what you’re doing. Trust in that. Let go and let your body do what it already knows how to do.

5. My baby feels my love.

Pregnancy is such a special time to be with your baby. It’s the only time in both of your lives that it will be just the two of you. You have nine whole months to really get to know each other and share your love on an infinite feedback loop of adoration. Enjoy it! And don’t forget for a single second that your baby can feel your love with every breath that you take.

Author Bio

Brett is the founder of Uplifted Yoga, an online yoga and meditation community empowering students to personalize their practice and ignite their best life – on and off the mat. Learn more at BrettLarkin.com