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Best Yoga Mats for Bad Knees


Best Yoga Mats for Bad Knees Do you have bad knees that crack or cause pain with movement? Yoga can help you ease that discomfort and pain by strengthening the muscles that support the knee. [...]

Best Yoga Mats for Bad Knees2019-04-23T15:02:25-05:00

What Are Yoga Blocks For?


What Are Yoga Blocks For? Yoga blocks or bricks are rectangular-shaped props that you can use in yoga. They can be used in many ways to help support balance, bring the floor up to you, [...]

What Are Yoga Blocks For?2019-04-23T12:29:10-05:00

Yoga Fish Pose With Blocks


Yoga Fish Pose With Blocks Matsyasana, also known as the Fish Pose is a popular yet traditional asana. The poses asks the practitioner to open their chest and throat while reclining on the floor. The [...]

Yoga Fish Pose With Blocks2019-04-23T12:28:03-05:00

Difficult Yoga Poses For Beginners


Difficult Yoga Poses for Beginners At one point in your life, you have probably seen a jaw-dropping photo or video clip of a yoga expert making an extremely difficult pose look so effortless. You think [...]

Difficult Yoga Poses For Beginners2019-04-23T12:25:02-05:00

Best Way to Learn Yoga at Home


Best Way To Learn Yoga at Home Are you interested in yoga classes but too shy to be in a studio? Do you have a tight budget or is time constraining you from joining classes? [...]

Best Way to Learn Yoga at Home2019-04-23T12:23:19-05:00

Sadanta Pranayama


Sadanta Pranayama - Benefits & Practice Guide The practice of controlled breathing to get access to one’s life force is called Pranayama. The Sanskrit words Prana and Ayama which mean “vital energy” and “to control” [...]

Sadanta Pranayama2019-04-23T12:21:18-05:00

Pranayama for Adrenal Fatigue


Pranayama for Adrenal Fatigue - What Is It & How To Fix It Stress is an inevitable occurrence that can result from many of our day-to-day activities and interactions. It can be due to something [...]

Pranayama for Adrenal Fatigue2019-04-23T12:19:27-05:00

Pranayama for Allergies


Pranayama for Allergies - Natural Techniques You Can Practice At Home Pranayama are exercises for breath control or the practice of controlled breathing to tap into our life force. It is composed of two words [...]

Pranayama for Allergies2019-04-23T12:17:47-05:00

Ujjayi Breath Benefits


Ujjayi Breath Benefits - Simple Instructions & Tips Pranayama Pranayama came from the Sanskrit words “Prana” which means breath or universal energy or life force that gives life, and “Ayama” which means to extend or [...]

Ujjayi Breath Benefits2019-04-23T12:15:27-05:00

Plavini Pranayama


Plavini Pranayama (The Floating Breath) - Benefits & How To Guide What is Pranayama? Pranayama is an essential practice in yogic traditions, as it is a technique where one can control and extend their life [...]

Plavini Pranayama2019-04-23T12:06:50-05:00
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