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Best Yoga DVDs for Flexibility


Best Yoga DVDs for Flexibility Performing yoga has major benefits for the body and mind. One of these major benefits is that it develops flexibility. But if you don’t know what to do and the [...]

Best Yoga DVDs for Flexibility2019-08-02T20:47:50-05:00

Best Yoga DVDs for Athletes


Best Yoga DVDs for Athletes Being an athlete is not easy, there are a lot of training and routines that need to be followed and done properly to become the best of the best. Is [...]

Best Yoga DVDs for Athletes2019-08-02T20:38:15-05:00

Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners Over 50


Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners Over 50 As someone over 50, you may have thought of practicing Yoga as a way to cope up with the different changes of your body. It would be quite [...]

Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners Over 502019-08-02T15:49:45-05:00

What Kind of Foam is Used in Yoga Blocks


What Kind of Foam is Used in Yoga Blocks? When practicing yoga, there are different accessories that you can use, especially if you are a beginner. One of the accessories is yoga blocks. If you [...]

What Kind of Foam is Used in Yoga Blocks2019-07-18T09:34:51-05:00

Indoor Yoga Platform


Indoor Yoga Platform Practicing yoga has become quite popular these days that a lot of individuals have decided to even create a space for practicing yoga and meditation at their homes. In this article, we [...]

Indoor Yoga Platform2019-07-18T09:38:57-05:00

How To Gift Wrap a Yoga Mat


How To Gift Wrap a Yoga Mat One of the best moments in life is seeing the joy on a loved one’s face when they are handed gifts. It's hard to miss it when the [...]

How To Gift Wrap a Yoga Mat2019-07-18T09:35:31-05:00

Are Gaiam Yoga Mats PVC-Free


Are Gaiam Yoga Mats PVC-Free? If you are new to the yoga scene and is intrigued and curious to try it out, the first thing you will consider is to purchase a yoga mat. There [...]

Are Gaiam Yoga Mats PVC-Free2019-07-18T09:35:41-05:00

Manduka Prolite vs. Eko


Manduka Prolite vs. Eko Choosing yoga as a physical fitness activity can offer lots of benefits that is why a lot of individuals have decided to join in and try it out. There are a [...]

Manduka Prolite vs. Eko2019-07-18T09:35:48-05:00

Yoga for Golfers Elbow


Yoga for Golfers Elbow Golfer's elbow is one of the conditions that can happen to individuals who play golf. This condition occurs when there is an inflammation of the tendon sheath that is attached to [...]

Yoga for Golfers Elbow2019-07-18T09:35:55-05:00

Yoga for Tennis Elbow


Yoga for Tennis Elbow If an individual has tennis elbow, he or she can be limited with activity and discomfort and pain can occur when moving the affected arm. In this article, we will be [...]

Yoga for Tennis Elbow2019-07-18T09:36:04-05:00
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