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Mantras For Healing


Mantras For Healing A Mantra is known as a religious declaration of a phrase of a group of words which have an effect on psychological and spiritual levels. These words are constantly being spoken silently or aloud. This way, the mantra can seep into the mind and make one calmer, especially during stressful events. But do you know that this is also a way to heal oneself? There is already some scientific proof that mantras have good benefits on the body. One is the chanting of “om”. This is considered the most basic of all mantras. It has been proven that [...]

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Benefits of Mudras


Benefits of Mudras Mudra is derived from Sanskrit meaning “to produce joy”. In history, mudras were used in Hindu traditions. Each of the rituals has its own importance and meaning in the world of science. Mudra is a form of expressing the self. It helps you ease into deep meditation by relaxing and allowing you to focus. Mudras are a set of gestures done that can be used with meditations to help guide the flow of energy. How Are Mudras Practiced? To charge up the use of mudras, it's recommended to first, wash your hands. This is not a common way [...]

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Child’s Pose (Balasana)


Child’s Pose (Balasana) Most of the time you'll hear your yoga teacher give cues like “rest in child’s pose. Feel free to come back to this pose anytime you need a break from our sequence today.” Child’s pose is included in many asana sequences. May it be in a beginner’s level or advanced class, Vinyasa or Yin. Sometimes at the very beginning to get the students centered, present in the moment, and a time to set their intentions. Other times, in the middle, to remind them to take a pause and rest. Also after a peak pose when you have exerted [...]

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What is Earthing Yoga


Earthing Yoga Earthing yoga has become a popular trend among yogis who practice yoga around the world. Earthing yoga focuses on the theory that is known as 'grounding', it means an individual walks barefoot outside and is able to ground their body to the earth's surface. It is also based in the way of life of our early ancestors wherein their close relationship with nature allowed them to tap into the healing energy of nature which helped them live healthier lives. The earth element symbolizes balance, stability, and the energy that nurtures all living things. When our physical bodies connect to [...]

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What is Karma Yoga?


What Is Karma Yoga? Karma yoga comes from the Sanskrit word that literally means “action or doing”. Karma yoga is a path of action and it stands for selfless acts done for others. It is believed by some yogis that karma yoga is the best way to develop one's spiritual self. Karma yoga is the yoga of work or action, and this path is specifically oriented with dedicated work wherein an individual's selfless acts are offered as a spiritual offering to his personal God. It is the path that leads an individual to salvation by doing selfless acts. Salvation is the [...]

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Mantras For Peace


Mantras For Peace Peace is a state of mind. No matter what your circumstances are or where you are, if you have peace rooted in your heart and soul, it will be hard to shake you. These words are sure comforting, but it could be really challenging to achieve this state of mind especially in today’s world where competition is really strong and where the everyday pressures and issues can feel like they're weighing us down. So how do you achieve peace despite everything what’s going on? Is it possible? We definitely believe it is and these mantras are one way [...]

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Meditation Mantras For Beginners


The Best Meditation Mantras For Beginners Chanting mantras is a way to relieve stress and to attain a calm mind. But do you know that it is also a way to call out to the Divinity. This is an ancient practice originally performed by Vedic Hindu priests. Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means “to think and tool” or we could properly translate that to a tool or instrument that thinks. Mantras help to send out powerful vibrations while you chant them. These are considered sacred statements that can either be repeated aloud or silently. Different mantras produce specific results such [...]

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Does Yoga Help You Sleep


Does Yoga Help You Sleep Sleep can be difficult to find sometimes, especially after a long, stressful day. According to the NIH survey around 7-19% of adults in the US are not getting enough sleep. As we enter the dreaded 9 to 5 we now succumb to juggling work with leisure and we tend to forget sleep as an important part of our well being. Less sleep means we are susceptible to illness like high blood pressure, diabetes, and a weakened immune system. Lack of sleep also makes us prone to mood changes, clumsiness, and lack of concentration. To prevent this, [...]

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Yoga Wall Poses


Yoga Wall Poses Are you new to yoga? Or have you been practicing for a while but find some poses not yet accessible to you? Do you want to go deeper into some postures you’ve been practicing for some time now? Then I’d like to introduce you to your new friend - the wall. Yes, the wall! That sturdy, concrete structure in your room, house, office, studio, gym, you get what I mean. The wall is a reliable, practical and accessible prop that is very useful for your asana practice. Here’s how: the wall serves as a spotter that you can [...]

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Hip Opening Poses


Hip Opening Poses Does your day involve sitting for long periods of time? Like in school, work, transportation, meals, binge-watching your favorite TV shows? As a result, our bodies are prone to tightness and weakness in ways specific to sitting. The buttock and thigh muscles tend to be weak, and the hamstrings, inner thighs (groins), and calves tighten up. Our bodies are all shaped differently. We also have different ranges in terms of mobility. There are many factors that affect the hip range of motion. Some are susceptible to change, like muscle tightness. Others are more fixed, like bone structure. Knowing [...]

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