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Hip Opening Poses


Hip Opening Poses Does your day involve sitting for long periods of time? Like in school, work, transportation, meals, binge-watching your favorite TV shows? As a result, our bodies are prone to tightness and weakness in ways specific to sitting. The buttock and thigh muscles tend to be weak, and the hamstrings, inner thighs (groins), and calves tighten up. Our bodies are all shaped differently. We also have different ranges in terms of mobility. There are many factors that affect the hip range of motion. Some are susceptible to change, like muscle tightness. Others are more fixed, like bone structure. Knowing [...]

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Bhakti Yoga


Bhakti Yoga One of the four main yogic paths to enlightenment is Bhakti yoga. The word "bhakti" means devotion or love. It is well known as the yoga of love. It comes from the Sanskrit word 'bhakti' which is derived from bhaj which means ''divide or participate". It also means faith, love, and devotion which can be correlated to something religious and it focuses on the spiritual aspect of life. The philosophy behind this practice is to unite the individual who practices yoga to the Divine. It is speculated by experts that this path originated around second or third BCE wherein [...]

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The 7 Chakras


The 7 Chakras You may have heard about the word chakra when it comes to complementary medicine or alternative therapy. This word is Sanskrit which means “wheel”. This is because chakras are wheels of energy spinning round and round in the human body. There are actually 7 chakra centers in the body which starts at the bottom of the spine to the top of the head also known as the crown. This might be a little bit confusing because this stuff is not visible to the naked eye but there are actually some proofs that chakras do really exist. The Proof [...]

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Yoga Balance Poses


Yoga Balance PosesBalance is so important both on and off your yoga mat. Let’s start off with your career, family, love, and relationships. All these areas in your life need to be balanced to be able to give the right amount of time to each of these important aspects. Don’t forget to add some me-time too.And when we talk about time for yourself, that means also balancing the state of your mind, body, and soul. One way to achieve this is to perform yoga balance poses. Yoga balance poses help to build strength in a different area of the body such as [...]

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The 5 Prana Vayus


The 5 Prana Vayus Prana is the Sanskrit word for “life force”. Vayus, on the other hand, literally means “wind”. According to the tradition of yoga, Prana which means the vital life for all living beings in this world has 5 different segments. It means each prana vayu is defined as the different ways prana moves throughout an individual's body. As discussed in the yoga tradition, when all the vayus are functioning in their highest level, the individual will be able to function well and he will be able to reach his maximum potential and become the best versions of their [...]

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Best Bedtime Yoga Poses


Best Bedtime Yoga Poses If you are having difficulty falling asleep or getting a good night rest, instead of popping a pill to get some complete shut-eye, you might want to try yoga. A study was done at Harvard Medical School on the effects of practicing yoga on a daily basis and how it impacted sleep quantity and quality. They gathered participants that have type 1 insomnia, or insomnia that develops on its own and type 2 insomnia, which is a by-product of previous cause such as ailments, conditions, and/or substance use. The participants were asked to record their sleep as [...]

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Jnana Yoga


Jnana Yoga Jnana Yoga is known to be one of the oldest concepts of yoga. It is believed to have originated during the Vedic age. The philosophy behind it, self-realization is considered as being one with the ultimate energy that is available in the universe. Jnana Yoga is one of the well-known classical paths for moksha but believed to be the most difficult one. The word Jnana means wisdom or knowledge. When performing it, a great strength of will and intellect is required in order to go beyond an individual's nature, thoughts, and ego. The process includes thinking, reflection, meditation, self-questioning, [...]

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Tantra Yoga


Tantra Yoga Tantra yoga is the modern improved form of the combination of the practices from both ancient Vedic and yogic tradition. It is believed that it originated when tantrics developed a branch of traditional yoga during the 9th century in the northern part of India. The word "Tantra" is a Sanskrit word that means technique or technology. The tantric process involves the spiritual growth of an individual and also helps to create energy that usually results in the improvement of the well-being of an individual. Tantra yoga is an ancient practice that uses a combination of different energy locks and energy [...]

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Heart Opening Poses


Heart Opening Poses   Has anyone ever told you to live with an open heart? Well, whatever do you think this means but, in yoga, we do heart opening poses as a doorway to our vulnerabilities. These poses allow you to be exposed. There will be nothing standing between the heart and the rest of the world, only allowing the beating hearts to be unguarded and blissful for the moment. Read below to learn the following yoga poses that will help you open your heart and balance the heart chakra, the energy center for emotion, compassion, and love. Different Heart Opening [...]

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The 3 Gunas of Nature


The 3 Gunas of Nature Within yoga philosophy, there are different aspects that have been discussed. The 3 Gunas of Nature are three important aspects of nature. Gunas is a Sanskrit word that means "Strand, Rope or Fiber". All creations are made up of the 3 Gunas or three qualities of nature. The philosophical aspect of yoga discusses that the all-knowing universe is made of and how it manifested in the real world as mind and matter. When an individual is aware of the 3 Gunas of Nature, it can be a helpful guide throughout life. The three gunas are tamas, [...]

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