9 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga For Men

Yoga is one of the oldest respected disciplines that has existed for a long time and it is practiced by yogis around the world. It is known to have originated in India around 5,000 years ago. Yoga is also known for its origin and the philosophy behind it. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ that means to unite. Anyone can practice yoga and experience the union of the mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga is very popular for those who are health conscious and who loves fitness, with an estimated more than 200 million people who practice it around the world. It is noted that more and more people are practicing it on a daily basis. It is not just for women who love to stay fit and healthy, men can also enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga.

Practicing yoga offers a lot of benefits. However, women are more commonly known to practice yoga. Most men are hesitant to grab a mat and practice yoga, so it may help to understand some of the benefits it can offer for men. Here are some of the benefits men may experience when they practice yoga on a regular basis:

  • Improves healthYoga offers benefits for those who practice it regularly. People who practice yoga on a regular basis greatly experience an improvement in their overall health. Practicing yoga means decreased or fewer clinic or hospital visits. In recent studies, Yoga has been observed to help maintain blood pressure and maximizes oxygen consumption in the body.
  • Boosts immune system – Yoga is known for its beneficial effects that help improve the immune system. It also helps your body fight off different diseases or illnesses like osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Yoga is perfect for maintaining the respiratory system, with the proper combination of breathing and different poses it can help in maximizing the capacity of the lungs and prevents the possibility of infection. Yoga helps your different body systems to optimize their overall functionality.
  • Reduces back pain – Pain threshold is known to improve and increase when a person practices yoga regularly. The increased blood flow along the body increases endorphins in the bloodstream that naturally help reduce pain with its analgesic effect and it is very helpful to those who have chronic back pain. Iyengar yoga is known for helping reduce functional disability and it helps improve a person’s pain threshold.
  • Reduces stress – Stress is a common occurrence in our everyday life. If you cannot completely remove it from your life, you can definitely reduce it with the help of yoga. Yoga and meditation are well known for stress relief. Yoga is perfect for enhancing mood and it also improves a person’s sense of well-being.
  • Increases productivity – Adding yoga to your daily routine helps improve your productivity at work or in the office. It usually improves a person’s well-being and it deals with the usual burn out that occurs in a tiring routine like a 9-5 day job. Yoga helps a person deal with stress differently and becomes more productive and results in a better work quality. Sitting at the office and staring at a computer screen may be painful for your back, with the help of yoga it will counter all the effects caused by performing the same routine every day.
  • Improves concentration – Yoga is perfect for improving concentration, especially when faced with different deadlines at the office. With proper breathing and meditation exercises, your mind and body will be able to calm down and remove all the distracting thoughts. In just a few minutes of practicing yoga, your brain is known to function better. One of the yoga types is hatha yoga and it is based on a combination of different postures and proper breathing. It allows a person to concentrate and process information more precisely and quickly.
  • Improves sleep quality – Yoga results in muscle relaxation and you can notice better sleep quality. It is perfect for insomniacs who have been having a hard time sleeping at night. Insomniacs who are well known to practice yoga on a regular basis experience better sleep quality, they can sleep longer, and fall asleep faster. Medications or other treatments that have different side effects may no longer be needed with a regular yoga practice.
  • Builds muscle and increases strength – Yoga is perfect for building muscle and increasing strength by constantly doing poses that help your body stretch and maximize its ability. It also improves a person’s posture and mobility, and gives relief to painful muscles and stiff joints. Yoga is also known to improve a person’s balance, flexibility, and range of motion with the help of various poses.
  • Improves sex life – A medical study completed in 2010, shows that sexual functions are well improved with regular yoga practice. Yoga is helpful for men who have trouble with premature ejaculation. A research study was done to check if regular practicing of yoga improves sexual health, and the results found practicing yoga to be a better solution to medical treatments for men experiencing premature ejaculation or poor ejaculation timing.

Yoga is a combination of different poses, proper breathing, and concentration. There are different types of yoga available as well. One of the more common types of yoga is called “hatha yoga”. It is a perfect yoga practice for beginners – even men. It is easy to perform and will help anyone to transition into different yoga types.

Yoga helps you stretch your body, increase your mental concentration, and it also helps deal with stress. Yoga is an enjoyable physical routine, and at the same time, it also offers beneficial effects to the mind.