Best Chair Yoga DVDs for Seniors

There are a lot of different styles of yoga; one of them is chair yoga. It is a great form of yoga and it is great for individuals who are beginners and have limited knowledge of yoga or who just want to focus on a gentle form of yoga. Seniors who want to try out yoga but cannot perform vigorous and challenging poses can use it to continue their yoga practice. It uses a chair or while being seated and it is usually recommended for individuals who have physical disabilities or seniors who find yoga poses challenging. Chair yoga is usually recommended for individuals who have problems with balance, stability, and weight-bearing.

Woman doing exercise with chair

Usually, chair yoga is used as an alternative for challenging poses and if individuals have balance problems and have a hard time getting down and up on the floor. In this article, we will be focusing on discussing information about chair yoga and the list for best chair yoga dvds for seniors. Read on to know more information and if you want to have an informed decision when buying the best chair yoga  DVDs for seniors.

Benefits of chair yoga

Improves flexibility

Individuals who have mobility issues can use chair yoga in order for them to improve their flexibility and it can gently stretch their muscles.

Helps improve strength

Seniors have the tendency to become weak, by practicing chair yoga, it can help them improve their strength. This can help them continue living independent lives and perform their hobbies even at old age. Having a strong body can prevent falls or accidents that can occur.

Helps with pain management

Individuals who suffer from a lot of pain can benefit from practicing chair yoga. Yoga is able to reduce pain and help individuals cope with pain, especially for those who suffer from chronic pain and other medical conditions.

Helps with stress management

Practicing yoga includes breath work and this can help keep you calm and reduce stress. By meditating and paying attention to the different breathing exercises it can help the body and mind to cope with mental stress, therefore, decreasing anxiety and depression in the process.

Improves mental health

Seniors usually suffer from feelings of isolation. Yoga can help them feel calm and become more relaxed and this can bring about happiness and improve their well-being.

Helps improve concentration

Breath work performed during yoga sessions help clear the brain from unhealthy thoughts and this can decrease stress and improve an individual’s overall mood.

Helps relieve joint strain

By practicing yoga regularly it can help improve joint health and reduce the strain on the joints. It helps improve an individual’s balance and stability and this can prevent falls, accidents, and injuries.

Lowers blood pressure

Seniors often have the problem of high blood pressure, by being able to practice chair yoga regularly, it can help them lower their blood pressure.

Chair yoga is portable and convenient

It can be performed even in the comforts of your home. You can do it anywhere you can find a place where you can sit comfortably and perform the different chair poses.

Improves sleep quality

Performing yoga regularly can help combat sleep disorders. It can help improve the quality of sleep.

What are the tips when trying chair yoga at home?

Man sitting on a chair

  1. Safety and comfort are important and it is a priority to keep seniors safe and comfortable.
  2. Chair yoga can be done at home and can be customized according to the ability of the individual. When the senior has limited ability, it can be customized and you can skip the sessions that are too difficult or painful to perform.
  3. It is ok to avoid long and tiring sessions, you can skip painful poses and if the seniors become tired quickly, it is best to do the yoga sessions in short periods of time.
  4. The seniors must move slowly and gently and pay attention to what their body is telling them. It is better not to push the body than be at risk of falls, accidents or injuries.
  5. Seniors have different energy level and abilities, if they can perform a limited range of motion or movements it is ok.
  6. Flexibility and strength will improve and they will be able to enjoy the benefits if they practice regularly.
  7. A senior must perform the chair yoga with someone who can support and guide them while performing the exercises.
  8. Make sure to use a sturdy chair which allows the feet to touch the floor. You can use other yoga accessories like a belt or strap that can help with stretching exercises. You can also use yoga blocks or folded yoga mat under the feet for a firm foundation.

Who can perform chair yoga? Is it safe for seniors?

Old woman with walking frame beside hospital bed

Chair yoga is usually available in different areas like centers or retirement homes. People who have neurological problems can also use chair yoga and even obese people can try it out. Individuals who are working in the office for long hours can also use chair yoga to enjoy its benefits too. Chair yoga can be done at home and it is best to have a companion or friend to assist you.

Top 3 Chair Yoga DVDs for Seniors

1. Gentle Chair Yoga with Sarah Starr

Gentle Chair Yoga with Sarah Starr

It has 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. This chair yoga DVD is shot on a relaxing and tranquil background. It involves slow and easy moves that can be done by seniors easily. It is effective in reducing stress and it is perfect for individuals who have limited mobility and disability. It starts with using stretches for the neck and shoulders and proceeds to hip openers and stretches for hamstrings. It also includes chest openers and forward bends and ends the session with gentle twists that can help improve strength and flexibility. Individuals who have back issues can skip the twist poses and do the 12-minute guided meditation.

2. Chair and Standing Routines: Ageless Yoga, Vol. 1

Chair and Standing Routines Ageless Yoga

It has 4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. This yoga DVD is useful for seniors who cannot sit on the ground or on the floor. It is also good for individuals of all ages. It is recommended for seniors who have stiff and sensitive joints and medical conditions like arthritis. This DVD is taught by John Schlorholtz, he is known as the principal instructor at Harvard University Center for Wellness. He has been a long-time yoga practitioner and instructor.

The DVD includes more than 60 different practices and lasts from 5 to 90 minutes; it can be customized according to the ability of the individual practicing it. It has 16 chair yoga routines that can help improve joints and strengthen muscles. The DVD also includes breathing exercises, movement, relaxation, and meditation. Individuals who do not have any yoga background can use this to practice yoga. It includes gentle and challenging workouts that allow customization depending on the skills and level of the participant.

3. Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

It has 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. This chair yoga DVD is focused on stretching the body and strengthening it. It also teaches breathing and relaxation techniques. The DVD includes adaptations and modifications of poses that cater to individuals, especially seniors who have limited mobility and disability. The program lasts for 52 minutes but it allows an ample amount of time for each pose and it helps avoid muscle straining or overexertion. Seniors can keep up with the instructors according to their own pace as well.

This chair yoga dvd helps improve flexibility and the overall well-being of the participants. It is user-friendly even for elderly participants who are limited to walkers or wheelchairs even for those individuals who have oxygen machines.


Chair yoga is a term used to modify yoga poses so anyone can do it while being seated on a chair. By being able to modify the poses, it makes yoga accessible for those who have limited ability, like individuals who cannot stand on their own or those who lack the mobility to move quickly from seated to standing positions.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to have an informed decision and decide which is the best chair yoga dvds for seniors that work best for you. Always remember to perform yoga according to your physical limits. Never push yourself too far from your capabilities, especially if you have medical problems. It is important to consult a medical care provider before starting any physical fitness activity as there are certain conditions that can be contraindicated. Your safety and health is a very important concern to consider before anything else. Practice yoga accordingly so you can continue with your yoga journey and enjoy its benefits.