Best Guided Sleep Meditation

Best guided sleep meditation

Getting enough sleep is important for an individual. For those who have trouble sleeping, there has been a lot of scientific proof that sleep meditation is useful in fighting insomnia and other sleep disorders. In this article, we will be discussing the best guided sleep meditation and hopefully, we will be able to help you. This is for individuals who tend to wake consistently at night or have difficulty in sleeping. This guided sleep meditation will help you relax and be calm so you can sleep peacefully at night.

What is sleep meditation?

When you practice meditation it helps become more aware of the moment. When our mind is busy and has a lot of thoughts to process it becomes hard to get rest and become calm during nighttime, especially when you are about to go sleep. Sleep meditation is a useful guided experience that aids you to sleep without any problems and let go of the thoughts occurring in the mind. When the mind becomes calm and becomes rested then the body becomes rested as well. When an individual meditates it helps reduce the heart rate and at the same time, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system and results in slower breathing when this happens an individual will be able to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Sleep meditation

This audio is a 34-minute clip guided meditation that will allow you to sleep well during the night. Guided meditation will help you get the well-deserved sleep and rest especially when your mind is too busy and preoccupied with thoughts. This guided meditation will allow you to sleep quickly and will not wake you up after it is finished. This guided meditation do not have bells or other sounds that can awaken from your sleep. You will be able to enjoy a deep sleep and get a lot of energy and rest. It is advisable to use a sleep timer on your device so you can turn off this meditation as soon as you doze off, usually 15 minutes is recommended.

What are the advantages of using sleep guided meditation?

  1. It offers a lot of physical benefits – Sleep guided meditation helps improve the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol levels, relieves pain, headaches, and migraine, and also decreases the risk of getting injuries.
  2. It reduces stress – Stress occurs to anyone and it is one of the top reasons why individuals experience the difficulty of sleeping. By being able to practice meditation exercises it can reduce stress levels and keep the body and mind calm and get the well-deserved sleep every night.
  3. It improves sleep quality – There are individuals who tend to sleep at night but gets awaken in the middle of the night and find it hard to fall back into sleep again. Sleeping is important as there are lots of processes that occur in the body and it has a very crucial role in an individual’s well-being. Sleeping meditation is useful and will help accordingly to the needs of the person using it. Some people only need a few minutes to clear their mind and fall asleep while there are others who need the process longer.
  4. It improves brain function – Using sleep guided meditation can also have amazing effects on the brain. Regular meditation can help slow down the aging process of the brain cells and tissues and it also helps deal with anxiety and depression.
  5. It improves productivity – When an individual is sleep-deprived, it will definitely show in his or her productivity during the day. It affects the reaction times, attention, and memory can be altered as the brain is tired. The overall performance of an individual during the day will be affected.

Individuals who do not get enough sleep can suffer and here are some of the possibilities that can happen if you lack sleep regularly:

  • It can cause weight gain and obesity.
  • It can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • It increases the risk of diabetes. There are studies done that showed young healthy individuals who only get 4 hours of sleep were found to show symptoms for pre-diabetes.
  • It can cause anxiety and depression. Lack of sleep can affect the mental stability of an individual and there are studies done that showed it is linked to suicide.
  • It affects the ability of an individual to connect and interact with other people.

What are the tips you can do to induce sleep?

  1. Turn off the lights in the room. A dark room can help induce sleep.
  2. Avoid using smartphones at least an hour before going to bed at night.
  3. Shift your mobile phones into night mode to make the light frequency into more yellow than blue. Blue light keeps the brain cells awake.
  4. Practice a habit of sleeping at the same time every night.
  5. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks afternoon.
  6. Keep the room as quiet as possible, you can also wear earplugs. If you have noise canceling headphones, you can use them.
  7. Keep the room slightly cool so it can help induce peaceful sleep. If your room has an air-conditioning unit, you can use it to keep the room cool. There are individuals who use ice or cold packs in their body before sleeping and taking it off before bed.
  8. Use a blanket or pillow to keep the body relax and calm and this can help you fall asleep. Blankets have the perfect weight that can give you comfort and make you feel relaxed during sleep.
  9. Listen to the guided sleep meditation and keep the volume a bit low and use a sleep timer. Guided sleep meditation can help you relaxed and avoid thoughts to enter your mind during the night.
  10. Avoid taking naps during the day, so you can sleep well all throughout the night.


If you want to enjoy a good night’s rest, make sure to try this best sleep guided meditation. You can sleep well and even manage stress and make the body calm and rested. If your body is at peace and content, no matter what issues or problems you are dealing in your life, you will be able to clear the mind from different thoughts and enjoy a well-deserved sleep.