Best Men’s Yoga Pants

Whether a beginner or a dedicated yogi, it’s a good idea to consider the attire you wear to minimize distraction, maximize range of motion, and feel comfortable while practicing yoga. The options for men doing yoga used to be limited to the basic t-shirt and shorts in tandem. Nowadays, men’s yoga apparel has improved and is finally offering different yoga wear that includes leggings and pants.

1. LannaPremium 2 Tone Thai Fisherman Yoga Pants

These pants are carefully handmade from durable cotton. This pair of pants is hand-sewn by women in a suburban home in Thailand. These pants are made from lightweight material that has an airy feel to it, making it breathable. These pants are one size fits all and it is designed to be loose and roomy and the length is above the ankle. The waist is wide and it comes with a belt that will be used to tie the excess fabric. This pair of pants are perfect for yoga sessions and allows free movement during stretching and meditating and as well as when lounging at home, running errands or grabbing coffee in a cafe.

Pros – These pants offer free shipping and free returns if the customer is not satisfied with the product. Hidden pocket in the leg that can be used to store some items. It is one of the least expensive pairs on the list. Airy pants will flow and move especially when performing yoga poses.

Cons – Some have bad dye colors and the ties are not long enough to be secured in the waist. It also bleeds when washed, not advisable to wash with other clothing. It is made from rough material and sometimes has issues regarding the length and size that varies even it was advertised as one size fits all. It may be extremely loose to smaller individuals and may constrict during some of the difficult yoga poses. These pants are not flexible and soft enough since it was made from cheaper material. Taller individuals may experience problems with this pair; they might have to wear these pants lower on the waist and must expect a long delivery time since these pants come from Thailand.

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2. Lululemon Intent Jogger

These are one of the most popular brands that are usually seen in yoga classes and as well as on the streets. These were made from Lululemon’s special patent Luon fabric and Lycra fiber which feels extremely soft and gives the much-needed comfort when worn. The four-way stretch fabric is moisture-wicking and the Lycra fiber provides the perfect shape and has a relaxed fit when worn. It has the perfect amount of stretch and breathability which allows free movements when performing one pose to another during yoga sessions. The drawstrings are designed with a metal cap to prevent from fraying.  These pants have ankle length that will provide the right amount of coverage and will keep you warm during chilly days. These pants are designed with a track pant style which gives a stylish vibe while providing a perfect amount of comfort. The waistband sits on the hips and has the snug fit which results in distraction free yoga sessions every time. These pants come in two colors: charcoal and black.

Pros – They are extremely comfortable, offers perfect fit when worn, looks amazing when paired with sneakers, have deep pockets that will fit essentials like keys, wallet, and cellphone. This awesome pair can be used for different exercises or activities. It is extremely versatile and durable, one of the best options in the market. The fit and feel, when worn, is absolutely fantastic.

Cons – This pair of pants is quite expensive, not everyone will be able to afford to buy them. The logo is placed in the lower part of the leg. The pockets are stretchy and whatever item placed inside will look visible to everyone. Not too durable, some parts have easily ripped according to some of the users. The pants are available in even-numbered waist sizes and only in two lengths, which makes it very limited considering its high price. It is limited to two color options only.

3. prAna Vaha Yoga Pants

These pants are created using hemp blend and are extremely durable with a relaxed fit. Prana pants are extremely lightweight, airy and breathable which makes it a perfect option for power yoga flow or even with different exercises. These pants have an elastic waistband and come with a drawcord to keep it in place when worn. The pair of pants also has the perfect amount of stretch and will be helpful to move freely when performing difficult yoga poses. This pair of pants can also be used for different purposes all throughout the day as they don’t look like normal yoga pants.

Pros – These pants are made from sutra hemp and recycled polyester blend. These pants can be used for other activities aside from yoga. The front welt pockets and back patch pocket fits items like wallet, cell phone or keys. Different colors are available to choose from. These pants have quick-drying and odor-reducing properties compared to other pants in the market. These pants have wide legs and a relaxed fit. This pair of pants can be used before and after yoga classes.

Cons – Unnecessary drawstrings and was found out to have a few tears after a couple of washes. It has a small fit, may need to adjust size measurement when purchasing a pair. The pockets are easily ripped and the fabric wears easily. The material used is a bit rough, higher priced pants like these are expected to be more soft and comfortable to wear. It is made from thin material, not advisable for Bikram or Hot Yoga.

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4. YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long Pants

These yoga pants are one of the bestsellers on the market and definitely one that is recommendable for its comfort and perfect fit. This pair of pants is made from cotton and combined with spandex that gives a perfect amount of stretch needed, especially when performing different yoga poses. The fabric feels soft, smooth, and has the perfect thickness. The legs are designed to have a roomy space that allows free movement without the constricting feeling, and not too loose that will hinder when practicing yoga.  This pair is also designed with pockets that will fit smaller items like cell phone or keys. These pants are designed with a thick waistband and drawstring that keeps it in place whether when performing extreme poses that makes the body bend and twist and they generally look cool and great when worn.

Pros – This pair of pants is sleek, lightweight, and stylish pants that can be used for yoga practice or even daily wear for different sorts of activities. This pair is extremely comfortable with the right amount of stretch and feels soft against the skin. This pair can be used for different sports or even when hanging out or lounging with friends at home. They stay in place when performing handstands or other complicated yoga poses and can be used daily and even during colder months. This pair holds up well even after frequent use and washing, unlike other pants. They come in different stylish colors and guaranteed to last long.

Cons – These pants have pockets that are not too deep, advisable only for storing keys or for hand-warming during cold chilly days. You will need to bring a gym bag when attending yoga sessions. This pair of pants might be too long for shorter individuals.

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5. 4-rth Men’s Transition Cuffed Yoga Pant

Proudly made in the USA, these pants are created from Modal, an Eco-friendly organic fabric that was made from Birch Tree fiber. These pants are soft like cotton, lightweight and comfortable to wear but durable and stronger compared to other pants in the market and it even holds up even after frequent use and many washes. When wearing this pair of pants, an individual is guaranteed to stay dry because of its quick-dry and breathable properties. This pair of pants is designed with cuffs at the ankles that give it a relaxing fit and will stay in place especially when performing difficult poses. The rib piping style at the back of the pants makes it flexible when an individual perform bends or when stretching. A handwritten note comes with every order.

Pros – Offers free shipping and returns if not satisfied with the product. They are extremely comfortable and come in a variety of colors to choose from. They are guaranteed to last longer than the other brands because of the quality fabric used. These pants are advisable to use during hot yoga sessions because it keeps your skin feeling cool. The pants are stretchy and allow free movement during different yoga poses. They are extremely comfortable, soft, and lightweight and feel great against the skin. Uses Eco-friendly materials and have excellent customer service. Advisable to use during Hot Yoga sessions because of its moisture wicking and breathable properties and provides flexibility and comfort. The pockets are deep enough to accommodate a cell phone, keys, and money. These pants come in a variety of different stylish colors and the size ranges from XS to XL.

Cons – Unpleasant smell after using it, not advisable to use after yoga classes. Sizes are smaller than the usual sizes in the market, check accordingly when purchasing online, advisable to buy in a physical store. These pants feel a bit constricting and not breathable enough according to one user. The metal rings on the drawstring were ruined after a month of using according to one user.

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Importance of Yoga Pants

During yoga sessions, yoga pants are designed to absorb sweat, for an instance, when trying to perform a pose that will require using arm balance; the yogi will be able to hold the pose longer without the sweat dripping on the knees and legs that may cause sliding and slipping off the arms. The other more obvious reason, it properly covers an individual while he is performing a vulnerable and complicated position.

Yoga pants must be comfortable, water-absorbent, lightweight, and functional in order to work well and can also be used daily and at the same time provides the right amount of stretch needed when performing yoga poses. The best yoga pants are the ones that allow easy moving while performing one pose to another and will feel like as if they are a part of the body, as a second skin.

When performing yoga, comfort is an important aspect that needs to be considered. An individual must be able to move freely without any hassle and the clothes must not prohibit free movement. There are poses that can be difficult to do if clothes are constricting free movement. Yoga pants are advisable especially during chilly, cold weather, as yoga shorts will not give warmth.