Best Sage for Cleansing Home

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Together with energy-efficient appliance units and messy clothing, sage has become one of the hottest trends at present times. It’s popping up everywhere from witchy Instagram posts, New Age stores, and even in sodas and baked treats. Lately, Sephora has even considered the prospecting of marketing a starter “witch kit” with its sage smudging stick. For hundreds of years, though, sage has been utilized for spiritual reasons but has presently become a massive craze in health and wellness circles as well.

Outside its natural capacity to provide simple, aromatic flavor to dishes, sage works as a spiritual cleanser once burned. The smoke and aroma modify the natural makeup of the surrounding air, helping decrease stress levels. So what are the best sage products that you can easily purchase in the market today? Below are five of the top sages that you can consider for cleaning your home. Let explore which sage is best for cleansing.

Best Sage for Cleansing Homes

1. Smudging Kit – White Sage Smudge Sticks for Cleansing

Maha Living Sage Stick Set with Selenite

The Smudging Kit is an all-natural sampler pack with four smudge sticks and a selenite crystal – a pair of white sage, a single sage plus sweet grass, and a palo santo stick. The product is carefully handpicked in California by a member of First Nation’s American Metis through the period of complete flower season to guarantee that the smoke generated from the white sage has the most powerful effects. It uses pure and 100% sustainable sage harvested during the best period of the herb’s life cycle. Includes a straightforward, step-by-step guide in every pack that will help you complete the basic task of smudging in your home. Every assorted pack consists of a 3-inch crystal selenite that you can fix below a pillow, in the hallways, or in your window to safeguard your home against negative energy following its cleansing. The manufacturer follows a no-questions-asked guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


  • It has a selenite crystal
  • Offers a white sage and blue sage with sweet grass
  • Includes a sage wand and Palo Santo
  • Hand-tied in the United States


  • It does not have its burner
  • Without any fan
  • Sage wands can burn too quickly in a few instances
  • Selenite can easily break

2. Windfall Nature Home Cleansing Kit

Windfall Nature Home Cleansing Kit

The Windfall Nature Home Cleansing Kit can be used to both cleanse bad energy and safeguard your home from them. It can purify through a white Sage smudge stick, light tea candle, green abalone shell smudging Bowl, hand-crafted wooden stand, and 100% organic smudging feather. You can protect your living space through blessed anointing oil and sacred salt and rejuvenate your well-being through a completely natural bath soak. The product includes Full-Color Step-By-Step instructions that cover five Rites and prayers for cleansing and blessing your home.


  • A complete cleaning kit that includes instructions for five rites and prayers
  • White sage complete with burner, stand, and feather
  • Blessed white sage-infused anointing oil
  • Cleansing Dead Sea salt and tea light
  • Has a bath soak with jojoba, peppermint, and lavender


  • Quite excessive if you require merely smudging
  • It’s possible that the prayers may not complement your spirituality
  • Feather is somewhat tiny for its smudge stick

3. Alternative Imagination Cleansing Kit With Soapstone Burner

Alternative Imagination Cleansing Kit with Soapstone Burner

The Cleansing Kit With Soapstone Burner includes a Soapstone Bowl with Rose and Leafy Design (5 inches wide 2 inches deep) for long-lasting cleansing. The kit also consists of a single 5-inch California White Sage Bundle, a couple of 4-inch Palo Santo Smudge Sticks, and a half-pound bag of White Sand. This kit is superb for cleansing homes or as a marriage or house warming present with all the beautiful burner and large sage bundle.


  • Soapstone burner is very comfortable to bring
  • Provides white sage and palo santo
  • Provides sand
  • Bowl is exquisitely stylish


  • The Bowl is a bit heavy
  • It comes without a feather or fan
  • Has just a single sage bundle

4. Mama Wunderbar 4 Bundle Smudging Set

MAMA Wunderbar 4 Bundle Smudging Set

The 4 Bundle Smudging Set can cleanse impurities in the body, mind, space, items, and crystals. This smudge gift package contains white sage smudge sticks and flower sage smudge sticks for cleansing impurities. Mainly, the package includes a Palo Santo and Yerba Santa smudge stick. The Cedar Smudge is also ideal for home blessings. This is a gorgeous energy-purifying package that contains smudge prayers and step by step guide for home, body, and item purification.


  • An assortment of smudging smoke
  • It contains white sage, cedar, flower sage, yerba santa, and palo santo stick
  • Includes a prayer and smudging guide
  • Enclosed in a gift container


  • It does not have a burner
  • It does not come with a stand or feather
  • Prayer and smudging guide may not complement your spirituality

5. New Home Set & Smudge Kit Peaceful Home Candle

Sage My Nest Sage Gift Set

The New Home Set & Smudge Kit Peaceful Home Candle is a present. It includes a sage burning/smudging stick alongside a wooden display stand. It also includes an aromatic essential oil spray and a full guide to complete smudging. The gift set also includes a beautiful abalone shell for catching ashes. It is packed as a present – Gift ready!


  • It offers a non-smoke spray function
  • The spray is available in distinct sage combinations
  • It has an abalone shell burner alongside a stand
  • Has a feather fan
  • Superb housewarming present


  • Spray function is somewhat redundant because you can burn sage anyway
  • Sage spray comes with an extra scent
  • The burner is a bit tiny

Features to Consider When Choosing Which Sage To Buy

Sage, scientifically called salvia apiana, is likewise popularly called “bee sage” or “sacred sage.” The herb is native to the South Western regions of the United States of America and in the North-Western parts of Mexico. It is typically present in southern California and Baja California. Here are the features of the best sage for cleansing homes that you should strongly consider:


Sage features a powerful, distinctive odor once it’s burned. Many Native American tribes typically burn out the herb’s leaves in practice called “smudging.” The practice is believed to detoxify negative energy from a home, a person, and items. With that being said, choose sages that are known to produce stress-relieving and aromatic scents that are likewise appealing to you.


When it comes to Sage, size matters depending on how long you want the herb to keep on burning. Generally speaking, the bigger the size, the longer it would burn and generate its purifying smoke. Ideally, you want to choose a sage stick about an inch thick and five inches long and burns for 15 or so minutes.

Extra items

If you still don’t have them, it helps to purchase a sage product with different essential items for smudging, such as a smudging bowl, a wooden tripod, and a feather. This makes it easier for you to perform the smudging process and cleanse your home from impurities. And if you’re new to the practice, it also helps a lot if the product has its step-by-step instructional manual with prayers and rituals.


Some sage smudging sticks marketed by big companies may not have the ingredients they are advertised to contain. Some possess materials that are, in fact, toxic once they are burned! For this reason, it’s essential to do your homework once you decide to purchase a sage product from a certain manufacturer.


All of us certainly would not mind living with lesser negative vibes, and burning up a sage or two is an excellent way to begin. Smoke cleansing or smoke clearing – referred to as smudging in certain Native American traditions -involves using smoke, typically sage leaf smoke, to cleanse out dormant or negative energies. People have used this practice in their homes and have transformed them into brighter and more accommodating living spaces for everyone. It’s a recommended way to clear out bad vibes every time you move to a new home or once you begin feeling stuck in a rut. If you want to cleanse your home from all those negative energies and make everyday living a little more relaxing, choose any of the five best sage products mentioned in this guide.

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