Best Sports Bras for Yoga

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Choosing a yoga sports bra isn’t always easy for high-impact workout. The measurements should complement the size of the chest to give full support. There are a lot of brands for you to choose from and various levels of support to fit your needs.

The best sports bras are made with breathable materials and smooth fabric that allow sweat to evaporate quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable during exercise. They also have underwire cups that provide shape and lift without adding any extra bulk.

Here are the different brands of sports bras and the level of support that they can give

1. KiraGrace Flirt Yoga Bra

If you want to look good and at the same time have the right kind of support for your breast, the KiraGrace Flirt Yoga Bra is for you. It is an all-around bra that you can wear during a yoga class or for casual wear. It is breathable and comfortable to wear on many occasions. And it has multiple straps that add style to the sports bra. In addition, the straps are also responsible for giving the right amount of support that your chest will need. A range of sizes for you to choose from so that it will fit you perfectly. And it also comes in different colors to choose from so that you will be able to match it with the workout outfit you will be wearing.

2. Lululemon Energy Bra

Lululemon is one of the most popular brands for yoga wear or any activewear. They have created a variety of leggings, clothes, and sports bras for everyone. And a lot of people go for their products because of the quality that it has. The Lululemon Energy bra is similar to KiraGrace Flirt Yoga Bra. It has a multi-strap racer-back design to make your sports bra look presentable. And the straps are there to make sure that you will have the right amount of compression that you will need. The only difference between the Lululemon Energy bra is similar to KiraGrace Flirt Yoga Bra is the straps. The straps of the Lululemon Energy bra are thicker than the KiraGrace Flirt Yoga Bra. And if you have a smaller breast size and still want to go for something tight, this Lululemon Energy bra is the perfect one for you.

3. Aday Smoke It Up

One thing about sports bras is that you can never underestimate their capabilities. The Aday Smoke It up is one of their top-selling sports bras. It has a lightweight material that makes it comfortable for you to wear. And even if it is light, you can still feel that your breasts are adequately supported. The cutouts of this kind of sports bra are unique and can be worn even without a shirt. One thing about this kind of sports bra is that it has a UV protection feature. And because of this, you can wear this sports bra even if you are biking or doing your morning walk. It is breathable and comfortable, and it protects you from the sun. This sports bra is an all-around kind of sports bra that can be used in any medium compact activity.

4. Fabletics Macey Bra

Not all seamless kinds of sports bras are made for light support. They are made for medium support as well. This depends on the type of fabric and the elasticity of the material. The Fabletics Macey Bra is a seamless kind of sports bra that is perfect for yoga. It is a lightweight sports bra that can be worn even if you are not working out. The strap design creates a pattern for it to look unique. It is a fashionable kind of sports bra that you can wear anytime. The great thing about this kind of sports bra is its elastic band on the bottom. Unlike the other types of sports bras, their elastic bands on the bottom cut into your sides whenever you move. But with this one, you don’t need to worry about a thing. It will just move smoothly along with your body without any irritation and the discomfort of the garter penetrating your skin.

5. Syrokan Racerback Sports Bra

Syrokan Racerback Sports Bra is one of the favorite kinds of sports bra that women use. It has a double layer to give the full support that you always wanted. And unlike the other double-layered sports bras, this one is breathable. And it allows air to pass through so that you will not feel warm whenever you are wearing it. It also has an elastic under band to give you even more support. One great thing about this is that anyone can wear it regardless of their cup size. The size range runs from an extra small to a double extra-large, perfect for everyone looking for a sports bra that can give them full support.

6. Glamorise Plus Size High-Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Not all women are into underwired bras. But some prefer to have an underwire because they feel more supported. The Glamorise Plus Size High-Impact Underwire Sports Bra is designed for plus-size women. Plus, size women tend to have a difficult time searching for the right kind of sports bra that has extra coverage. But Glamorise has answered all their worries. This underwire sports bra has a double layer of rigid cups that are designed for plus-sized women. This is to make sure that their breasts are well-cushioned and can still breathe. And with its adjustable straps, they will be able to adjust how tight they want it to be.

7. Enell High-Impact Sports Bra

Looking for a full-support sports bra that can make you look outstanding in the yoga studio? The Enell High-Impact Sports Bra is made for fashion in the studio. It has a compression feature that allows you to move comfortably no matter how intense your workout is. The fabric is layered twice to give you full support on your breasts. This kind of sports bra is ideally used for those who just underwent breast reconstruction surgery. But basically, it can be worn by anyone who wants to have full support on their breasts and looks good while doing high-impact activities.

8. Champion Spot Comfort Full Support Sports Bra

If you are planning to collect a lot of sports bras that can give you full support, the Champion Spot Comfort Full Support Sports Bra is the one for you. There are a lot of fun colors for you to have so that every day you will be wearing a different one that will go with your outfit. And it has a tremendous support system that can make you move however you want. It is made with a fabric that gives proper ventilation to your skin to feel maximum comfort even if you are generating heat and sweating out. And for fuller support, it has a hook and eye lock system to ensure that you are well guarded whenever you are moving. And the straps are just like the normal bras where you get to adjust according to how you want it to be.

9. Reebok Running Compression Sports Bra

A lot of athletes wear the different sportswear that Reebok has. They designed each of their products to support the wearer comfortably. And if you are looking for a full support sports bra, Reebok Running Compression Sports Bra is the one for you. This simple and yet functional sports bra is a must-have in the closet of every active woman. It is a seamless compression sports bra that gives full support to your breasts. It is not as bulky as the other sports bras because it has a thin and elastic fabric. Even though the fabric is light, it can still give you the maximum support that you need.

Buying Guide

Light Support

Light support sports bras are also usually used at home. If you feel like wearing only a bra on top, these kinds of sports bras are for you. They are also designed for smaller frames. Because not all underwear brands give an accurate measurement for each body type, and for now, small-framed ladies can now choose what kind of sports bra they will wear for their next yoga class.

Medium Support

Medium support sports bras are ideal for those women who tend to have a breast size of 34-36; B-C. This kind of breast size requires a bit more support to keep their chest intact. Although yoga movements are not as extensive as other sports, their chests need to be well supported. It is uncomfortable for women with larger breast sizes to move with minimal support. This is why sports bras are made to provide medium support for any girl with these breast sizes.

Full Support

You will need fuller support for fuller breast size, ranging from a cup D to F. There are a lot of sports bras that specialize in high compression fabrics. This is to ensure that your breasts will be fully supported, and at the same time, you will still be able to move comfortably during your yoga class. This high support or full support sports bras can be used by plus-size women as well. Any woman can wear this in any activity to ensure that they will enjoy whatever sport they are doing.


It takes time to look for the best kind of sports bra that we want to wear. Because we have to consider the size of the breasts to look for the right fit. Though there are sports bras designed for all sizes, there are still some specifications that we are looking for. This also depends on the wearer and what kind of activity they will be doing. But if you are going to a yoga class, you can wear any sports bras, whether it is light support, medium support, or full support, as long as you can move comfortably.

In conclusion, finding a high-intensity exercise sports bra for yoga is important. Not all bras are created equal and some are better suited for this type of activity than others. By taking the time to find the right one, you can ensure that you remain comfortable and supported throughout your practice.