Best Way to Wash Lululemon Yoga Pants

Lululemon Athletica is a Canadian company founded in 1998 as a yoga-inspired technical athletic apparel company. The company recognizes yoga as a powerful tool in achieving well-being and good health. The company aims to provide the best gear and wears for men and women to use for athletic activities like yoga, running, cycling, training, and any sweat-producing activities. Aside from apparels, Lululemon Athletica now offers yoga blocks and straps, as well as yoga mats. These apparels from Lululemon are made with high quality. They are famous for being very comfortable to use and wear.

Like yoga mats, yoga pants are also unique to its maker. That is why it is important to check the label attached on the gear to identify and get information on how to specifically take care of the garment. Care instructions can be found on the tags for each clothing. Knowing how to wash and care for your Lululemon yoga pants helps protect its life.

how to wash lululemon yoga pants

Different Fabrics Used for Lululemon Yoga Pants

  1. Luon is the signature fabric used by Lululemon. It is a perfect yoga pants because it is soft, and it absorbs sweat and moisture.
  2. Everlux is a double layered fabric that is described as “buttery soft” and allows breathing even when worn in locations with high temperature and humidity. It is a good fabric that absorbs sweat and moisture.
  3. Swift boasts as a sweat and moisture absorbent and as a water-repellent fabric. It is designed to adapt and for longevity.
  4. Nulu is a lightweight fabric that allows freedom of movement while at the same time being sweat absorbent and buttery soft.
  5. Nulux a fabric that is much alike to the Nulu fabric because it is also buttery soft and lightweight. This fabric is more suited to a higher level of exercises. The fabric still absorbs sweat and guarantees to keep the wearer dry throughout the workout.
  6. Silverescent is great for preventing bad odors. It has an odor stopping technology called X-Static that prevents odor-causing bacteria.

How To Wash Lululemon Yoga Pants

Although Lululemon Athletica offers a wide option for yoga pants, these can still be washed in similar ways.

wash lululemon yoga pants with washing machine

1. Pre-soaking

Pre-soaking can be done and advisable especially for pants that have stains.

Separate white and colored articles. In a basin or sink with water, dissolve the detergent. Make sure that the water is just the right temperature: not hot, but cold water. Once the detergent is fully dissolved, add the yoga pants and let it stay there for 10-15 minutes. Baking soda or a small amount of vinegar can also be added to remove the smell out of the yoga pants.

2. Using a washing machine

All Lululemon yoga pants can be washed with a washing machine.

Separate the white yoga pants from the colored ones. The clothes should be separated as light colored and dark colored fabrics. Turn the pants inside out to prevent the fabric from fading or tearing. Don’t wash the yoga pants with other garments that have zippers or Velcro that could scratch or rub against the fabric. Don’t place the Lululemon pants with other garments that have rough fabrics.  It could also be placed inside a mesh laundry bag to prevent it from mixing with other clothes.

Use a sports laundry detergent. These detergents have natural ingredients that have sweat and bacteria breaking formula which is great for workout and technical clothes. Add 1-2 scoops of the sports laundry detergent in the washing machine and use cold water. Put the washer in a low spin or gentle cycle. Once done, a dryer can be used to dry it in a low tumble setting. Hanging and letting it dry is highly recommended as it prevents the fabric of the yoga pants from losing its softness and prevents it from getting damaged.

3. Hand washing the yoga pants

Washing the yoga pants with the hands would be a safe way to make sure that the fabric does not undergo harsh or extreme movements that could damage the pants over time.

Separate the light-colored fabrics from the dark colored fabrics. Use cold water to wash the yoga pants. Fabrics can be damaged when exposed to high temperatures. In a basin or sink filled with water, add a scoop of sports laundry detergent and mix to create a solution with bubbles. Pre-soaking can be done to remove stains and odor build up.

Wash the yoga pants individually by holding on to the fabric with both hands and moving it back and forth repeatedly. Rinse out the detergent by placing it under the faucet or in a basin full of water but without the detergent. Remove the excess water by pressing the pants gently or by laying it against a towel and hang to dry.

How To Choose the Right Detergent

Use sports laundry detergents

These detergents are meant to wash sports apparels. These sports laundry detergents have natural ingredients that help eliminate odor caused by sweat, oil, bacteria, and germs. Normal laundry soap does not completely breakdown the cause of the bad odor, many of these normal laundry soap has chemicals that just mask the odor but does not eliminate it completely.

Do not use liquid detergent

Most of sport apparel companies like Lululemon recommend to always use a powder detergent instead of liquid ones. Powder detergents can clean better than liquid detergents.

Choose a detergent that is meant to be used in cold water

Washing the Lululemon pants and other apparel requires the use of cold water to prevent the fabric from getting damaged. Hot water usually shrinks and fade fabrics. This also helps in saving energy when using the washing machine since it does not need to heat the water anymore.

Do not use fragrant detergents or optical brighteners

These kinds of detergents may clog the fabric trapping the sweat and bacteria within the fabric. Using these also does not really make the fabric cleaner and fragrant.

It is not advisable to use fabric softeners on Lululemon yoga pants. Fabric softeners clog the pores and coats the fabric, therefore preventing it’s sweat absorbing capabilities.