Best Yoga DVDs for Runners

Practicing yoga can help improve an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Runners who practice yoga can improve their ability, stamina, and prevent any possible injuries while running. Yoga can also help clear the mind and reduce stress. Yoga for runners is a specific workout that is designed by runners themselves who know and understand the needs of a runner and by doing yoga regularly it can help them improve their training routine. In this article, we will be focusing on the best yoga DVDs for runners. If you want to know more information, make sure to read on below!

Workouts or exercises should be designed to target an individual’s goal, for example, a runner has some concerns and incorporating yoga to their routine can help alleviate IT band, piriformis tightness, improve flexibility in the calves and hamstrings and also strengthen core and balance. Through yoga, a runner can become stronger and a better and faster runner than before.

Is yoga good for runners?

Yoga is recommended for anyone, even individuals who are not flexible or have stiff body can also practice it. It can be done at any age and their physical condition won’t matter at all. Runners who want to practice yoga have a lot to gain; in fact, yoga can help improve an individual’s balance and symmetry which gives advantage to runners. Yoga helps improve flexibility and strength and prevents injury that normally occurs when running.

What are the benefits of yoga for runners?

Yoga helps strengthen the muscles in the body

Running is an activity that uses the same muscles over and over, yoga, on the other hand, uses all muscles that are very different from running. It helps develop balance and improve strength in the trunk and hips which is important for running. The muscles of runners are usually tightened and stressed, when muscles are imbalanced they tend to be weaker and become prone to pain and injury. While running moves in a forward direction, yoga allows the body to move in different directions.

Yoga improves flexibility

Yoga helps stretch the body, making it flexible and it also improves speed and stride length. Yoga compliments running by stretching the different muscles in the body which results in giving the body the recovery it needs after a long run. Post-run yoga can improve the length of muscles and tissues and it also improves strength and range of motion of joints.

Yoga uses breathwork

Running and yoga are both based on breathing. Breathing exercises and meditation benefits the runners the most. It helps reduce stress, tension, and it also soothes the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. By being in tune with your breath, it will reduce anxiety symptoms that can affect your run and it also helps conserve energy during the run.

Yoga improves your running ability

Practicing yoga can improve an individual’s running performance, it helps stabilize the body and strengthen the abdominal muscles and lower back. Yoga classes designed for runners focus on improving the flexibility of the lower extremities, trunk, and pelvis.

Yoga provides rest and recovery

After a long run, runners feel the effect on their muscles and by practicing yoga it can help the runners prevent muscle imbalances which can cause injury. Individuals who have an injury can practice restorative yoga to help them recover while being active at the same time. Yoga stretches the body and uses breathing techniques that can help improve a runner’s performance and prevent injuries from happening.

Yoga improves mental health

Yoga helps runners improve their mental health and focus as well. It allows you to deal with stressful thoughts and distractions that can occur during a run. Yoga teaches the individual to focus on the body and the surrounding environment.

What are some of the yoga poses for runners?

Downward Dog

This pose helps stretch the calves, hamstrings, and foot arches. It also helps strengthen the shoulders. To do the pose: Align the wrist under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Spread the fingers and press into the palms of the hands. Tuck the toes and lift the knees off the floor. Straighten the legs gently and raise the hips into an inverted V position. Do 10 breaths, breathe deeply.

Toes pose

This pose prevents plantar fascilitis, it stretches the shins and arches of the feet. To do this pose: Kneel on the mat while the toes are curled under. Sit on the heels or you can use a yoga block or pillow by placing it in between the heels and glutes. Do deep breaths for 10 counts. Then point the toes and place the hands on the mat behind you and lean back while attempting to lift both knees off the yoga mat. If you are not able to do so, it is okay. If you do the pose correctly you will feel the stretch on the shins and arches of the feet.

Low Lunge

This pose helps stretch the hip flexors and strengthen the quads and hamstrings. To do this pose: Do Downward Dog and step the right foot forward in between the hands. Lower the left knee and keep the right knee in place – then slip the left knee back. Turn the top of the left foot to the floor and gently lift the torso upright. Then sweep the arms to the sides and up overhead. Drop the tailbone toward the floor and look up. Hold this pose for 10 breaths, release and repeat doing the opposite side.

Top 4 Yoga DVDs for Runners

1. Gaiam Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Runners

Gaiam Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Runners

It has 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. This yoga DVD is recommended for long distance runners. This video can help deal with tightness and stiffness of the legs after running. It helps prevent soreness or stiffness in the morning when done before going to bed. It helps stretch the major muscles such as the calves, glutes, quads, hip flexors, groin, IT band, and hamstrings. It also deals with hip pain. This dvd is perfect for you if you are a runner and you want to stretch your body after a long run and it won’t require too much of your time. The post-run yoga session only lasts for 20 minutes.

2. Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners: The Essentials

Christine Felsteads Yoga for Runners: The Essentials

It has 4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. This yoga DVD for runners is easy to follow. It is designed for athletes especially runners and it reduces the risk of injury, eliminates pain, reduces recovery time, and improves strength, flexibility, and posture. It requires the following yoga accessories: a yoga mat, belt, blocks, and blankets. Christine Felstead is the instructor; she is both a passionate runner and yogi. She developed Yoga for Runners to focus on improving an individual’s athletic ability. She understands a runner’s body and she uses methods that focus on improving flexibility, building strength, and correcting muscle imbalance.

3. Yoga for Runners: Intermediate Program

Yoga for Runners: Intermediate Program

It has 4.2 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. This yoga DVD is designed for individuals who have intermediate yoga skills. Christine Felstead is the instructor and her voice is soothing and quiet. She holds the poses for a long time which helps stretch and strengthen the body. It features normal people in various stages do the poses and you can see their strengths and weaknesses. This DVD is not advisable for beginners because it has more intense sessions, individuals who have prior yoga knowledge will benefit by using this DVD.

4. Runner’s World Yoga for Runners DVD

Runners World Yoga for Runners

This yoga DVD is designed for runners. It features 4 workouts to help improve your body and your running experience and it also deals with pain and soreness that normally occurs after running.

Workout 1 – Essential Yoga for Runners – This video lasts for 50 minutes. It features active-recovery workout. It helps deal with stiff and tight muscles and prepares the body for the training.

Workout 2 – Yoga for Beginners – This session is perfect for runners who do not have knowledge or background with yoga. It lasts for 30 minutes where it teaches you the basics.

Workout 3 – Yoga for Recovery – This session lasts for 30 minutes. It features post-run yoga that helps improve the range of motion and decrease tension and soreness and tightness of the muscles in the body.

Workout 4 – Yoga for Core Strength – This session lasts for 30 minutes. It features yoga poses that improve muscle and core strength and it is a fast-moving and high-intensity workout.


Yoga for runners must include workouts that will help runners build their upper and lower body strength, improve their speed, stamina, and enhance their physical and mental endurance. These yoga exercises must help prevent muscle stiffness and injuries that can be sustained during running. Yoga DVDs for runners must also help increase mental focus and strengthen their core. By being able to practice yoga, runners can improve their performance.