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best yoga pants

It can be a little bit tricky to find the perfect pair of yoga pants. If you’re struggling to find your Goldilocks favorite yoga pants (not too tight but nothing you’re pulling up all class long – simple and black or vibrant and patterned – soft to the touch and also moisture-wicking), then this is for you.

The cotton fabric blend and four-way stretch technology mean these yoga pants are lightweight, soft, and give you complete freedom of movement.

We’ve scoured through user reviews of the top yoga pants available on Amazon. They also come in three versatile colors and a wide range of sizes to complement every body shape. The ones that made our cut are rated 4+ stars and have more than 250 reviews to support their product. Great fitting yoga pants can make a big difference in your practice. After all, you don’t want to spend all your time in down dog pulling your pants back up, and if fitness fashion is your jam, then it can be a little more encouraging to throw on your favorite leggings and head to the local studio. Find your new favorite pair in our list of winners down below.

The Best Yoga Pants

As we mentioned earlier, the yoga leggings shared here all get great reviews from many customers. The most significant decisions for you to make are solid or patterned and snug or loose-fitting. Take a look at the top-rated yoga pants.

The next step is choosing the right style for you! We’ve narrowed down the top six picks based on their popularity, price range, quality, and overall customer satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at each:

1. Power Flex Yoga Pants by Oalka

The Oalka Power Flex has a high waistband with tummy control. They come in 19 different colors, including 14 solid colors, made with 86% nylon and 14% spandex, and 5 space-dyed colors that look like they have small stripes and are made with 87% polyester/13% spandex.

Note: according to similar product reviews, the space-dyed colors might be slightly see-through compared to the solid colors.

Oalka wants you to love their pants, and if you don’t, you can return them for a full refund. From the sounds of it, though, no matter your shape or length, there’s a high chance these thick, compression tights will be a good choice. And at their price-point, they’re a no-brainer to try.

2. Harem Pants by Bangkokpants

If you’re in the market for something flowy, these hippie harem pants with pockets are for you! Bangkokpants makes them in 11 boho-inspired patterns. These flowy, lightweight pants are made from handmade rayon. They come in one size, said to fit US sizes 0 to 12.

If you’re tall with a long inseam, these might not be your best option. Based on the company info listed, the inseam of the pants is 27″, which is supported by a user review who said she has a 32″ inseam and they’re too short.

However, from the sounds of it, if you’re an average height and between a size 12 or smaller, these might be the pants you decide to live in on and off your yoga mat.

3. High Waist Yoga Pants with Pocket by Baleaf

Baleaf yoga pants are made with an “anti-drop, high-rise, wide waistband for no muffin top and maximum coverage.”

So, if you’re looking for pants that won’t leave you feeling exposed in your forward folds, these could be a good option. They, like the Oalka’s and Queenie Ke’s, are made of 87% nylon and 13% spandex (as long as you’re choosing one of the 7 solid colors). Their 3 space-dyed colors are made from 90% polyester/10% spandex, and they have one charcoal pair that includes 50% cotton/36% poly/14% spandex.  

Based on user reviews, these pants pass the squat test with flying colors – meaning, even when people were squatting and folding and trying to see their undies through the soft fabric, they couldn’t. One user even said it was difficult to see the lines of her undies because the soft material is so thick. For that reason, so people also feel these leggings are just too warm for hot yoga studios and intense workouts.

4. Bootcut Yoga Pants by Yogipace

If you’re looking for a longer or shorter inseam than most standard yoga pants, these could be your new fave!
Yogipace Bootcut Pants come in five different inseam lengths ranging from 29″ to 37″. Compared to most of the others on our list, these pants cost a little more, but not by much.
Like most the others, they are made from a moisture-wicking, non-see-through blend of 87% nylon/13% spandex.

5. Digital Print Yoga Pants by Ndoobiy

If you love expressing yourself with the clothes you wear or need a bit of pizazz to get you excited about getting dressed and going to yoga, these digital print pants are just what you’re looking for. They come in 42 different prints, so you have lots of colors and patterns to pick from. And they are made with advanced 3D print technology designed to not fade with wear.

Their sizing is different from most others on our list, with “one size” being made to fit sizes 0-12 and “plus-size” intended to provide sizes 12-24. They are made from 88% polyester/%12 spandex.

After reading reviews, finding a good fit for your yoga practice might be one of the biggest challenges with these since there are only two sizes. If they fit you, though, they can be pretty flattering and stay up pretty well throughout a class. Some users mentioned they could be a bit see-through, but it wasn’t a common complaint.

6. High Waist Ultrasoft Yoga Pants by Yogalicious

These pants are made from 88% polyester/12% spandex, and according to Yogalicious, they’re “engineered to feel like your second-skin layer. You’ll forget you’re wearing these leggings. Next-to-nothing sensation as you move.” They offer sizes XS to XL and are 28″ long.

They offer 12 different colors, and they even have special bundles of two or three pairs that allow you to save money.

Users say that the fabric is super soft – one even described it as buttery smooth. There seems to be a mix of feedback as to how well these fit, though. It seems many people feel the elastic waistband digs in too much, camel toe can be a real issue, and that they slide around while practicing yoga. But, not everyone felt this way, so they might still be a good option for you – especially if you’re looking for pants that are great for lounging in.

In summary, we found some really nice yoga clothes options here but also had a few issues with affordable price. The first thing I noticed was that all of these companies seem to make similar styles of pants. So, when shopping, keep an eye out for differences between brands. For example, some may use more stretch than others, making them better suited for certain body types and if made with comfortable material. Also, look for details such as whether the pant comes with convenient pockets or drawstring ties.