Best Yoga Shorts in 2019 – Top Shorts For Yoga (Men & Women) Reviewed

Yoga shorts are usually worn during hot yoga where buckets of sweat may be released and temperature can be as high as 90 degrees. Yogis wear yoga shorts because they let their skin breathe and they help regulate their body temperature. Yoga shorts are not only worn during hot yoga. Some opt to use yoga shorts just because they feel that they can move more freely with them than yoga capris or yoga pants and some just feel like they are more convenient to put on.

Evidently, many men wear yoga shorts when practicing yoga. It is very seldom to see a man wearing long tight pants or capris during yoga. Likewise, most women prefer to wear yoga pants or capris rather than yoga shorts.

Best Yoga Shorts For Men

About 70 percent of yogis are female. If you’ve noticed, the larger the percentage of yoga clothing is tailored to women. That is why it is quite difficult for men to find the perfect pair of yoga shorts due to lack of demand and existent supply in the market. However, we’ve found the best yoga shorts for men (ones that are available online and on stores based on the reviews by its users). Since we know how men love functionality and durability, you will find below that most of the yoga shorts are also good for another purpose like swimming, jogging, or other training.

1. prAna Men’s Super Mojo Shorts

These are made with 4-way stretch fabric and have quick drying and moisture wicking features. Its distinct attributes include full inseam gusset to perfectly secure men’s private areas, back pockets with Velcro pull tab closure, and front mesh pockets where you can keep your phone, keys, and other loose items.


  • Can be worn in any type of activity because of the length, casual design, and material.
  • The UPF 50 features of the shorts make them suitable for outdoor activities like jogging, rock climbing, and swimming.
  • Quick drying fabric and moisture wicking feature.


  • The elastic waistband isn’t as strong as other options.
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2. Yoga Crow Men’s Swerve Shorts

If you are a real serious yogi and you are looking for a short just made for yoga then this one is for you. For a $59 mid-range price compared to other luxury brands, this one is a great steal. This yoga shorts brand is made by men for men and yes, especially for yoga. It is made of high- quality materials such as nylon and polyester which makes it stretchable and lightweight fabric. It also features a quick-drying and moisture wicking which is a usually must for a yoga short.


  • Has a boxer brief liner which makes it comfortable yet secured, breathable, and non-abrasive.
  • Passes the 4-way stretch test and is unlikely to rip.
  • Quick drying and moisture wicking.
  • Fit well and do not fold or crumple even if you do a headstand.
  • The waistband is tight enough to hold the shorts in place and has drawstrings for added security.


  • Since it is a slim fit, they are shorter.
  • Not recommended to use for other strength or athletic training outside of yoga.
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3. Lululemon Pace Breaker Men’s Shorts

Lululemon has been the household name for an athletic clothing brand. Lululemon is one of the most recommended yoga shorts for men because of its flexible fabric materials and its compression liners.


  • Moisture wicking technology and fast drying fabric.
  • Lightweight fabric.
  • Compression liners that are great for muscle soreness and preventing too much exposure.
  • Deep pockets with zippers that won’t let your phone and car keys fall out even if you are sitting or getting out of your car.
  • Can be used for other training or workouts.


  • More expensive than other options
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4. YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Shorts

The design of this short is very casual, yet it’s trendy and great to wear almost any day.


  • Affordable.
  • Many claim the fit and length are perfect and they won’t fall down or fold.
  • Made with cotton and polyester – soft, stretchable, and comfortable.
  • Has pockets and drawstrings.


  • Not advisable to wear during hot yoga due to 85% cotton.
  • Lacks quick drying and moisture wicking features.
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5. prAna Men’s JD Shorts

These shorts are another great option for men during yoga.


  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Can be worn during various types of yoga.
  • Non-restricting.
  • Great value for the price.


  • Not as modest as other options – tends to show a bit more of the male anatomy.
  • Some claim they don’t fit as well as other shorts.
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Best Yoga Shorts For Women

Yoga pants and capris are the usual choice of women for yoga because they are very convenient and a safe choice that can even be worn on a daily basis. Since yoga shorts are a less popular choice for women, there are not typically as many great options available. Remember, different shorts may be better for different types of yoga. Here are the 5 best yoga shorts for women.

1. Munvot Women’s Yoga Shorts With Pockets

These shorts have several outstanding features that make them a great choice for yogis. The side pockets, gusseted crotch, and chafe-free and ergonomic seams are the main benefits of these yoga shorts.


  • Has side pockets for phone or other items.
  • Has gusseted crotch and chafe-free and ergonomic seams.
  • High-rise and wide waist bands give you security as you bend and stretch for poses.


  • May not be great to wear under other clothing.
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2. prAna Women’s Audrey Shorts

These Audrey Shorts by prAna provide the basic needs that you are looking for in yoga shorts – thick fabric, fast-drying, and fit well. Common colors for these shorts are black or charcoal gray.


  • Flexible fabric great for stretching and poses.
  • Quick-dry technology to keep you cool and dry.
  • Thick waistband and high-waist features for a snug fit.
  • 3 inch inseam (many claim this is the perfect length).


  • Can bunch up thighs.
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3. ODODOS High Waist Yoga Shorts

If you are looking for yoga shorts that can hold your stomach and they aren’t too short then the ODODOS high waist yoga shorts are perfect for you. Like a lot of other other yoga gear, these are also quick-drying, have 4-way stretch-ability, and have pockets on the outside to hold something as large as your phone.


  • The waistline sits just right in the navel area and tucks your stomach well.
  • Great flat stitching to prevent seam ripping.
  • Thick fabric yet still wicks moisture. Also has anti-microbial elements.


  • Slightly longer than some shorts.
  • Can roll up the legs on the thigh.
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4. 90 Degree By Reflex Activewear Lounge Shorts

If you are looking for a yoga short that is less revealing and that you can actually wear going to the gym or in the park, then these are perfect for you. Though these are technically made as lounge shorts, the technology in this shorts is great for traveling and working out.


  • Versatile design to use as a casual wear or during exercise.
  • Sturdy stitching and moisture-wicking technology.
  • Drawstrings in case you want to tighten further.


  • May be a bit too loose for women women.
  • Likely to roll up or crumple as you move.
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5. Hollywood Star Fashion Waist Band Contrast Yoga Fold Over Shorts

These fold-over yoga shorts are great for women who like to wear short, tight shorts. If you’re looking for a bit more coverage, you will likely not find these as a top selection.


  • Fold-over features for shorter length.
  • Tight fit and comfortable material.
  • 92% cotton / 8% spandex material.
  • Dozens of color options.


  • More revealing than other shorts.
  • White shorts may be transparent or see-through.
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Yoga Shorts Buying Guide

This helpful guide outlines a variety of factors you may be considering when deciding which yoga shorts are best for you.


Of course, this is on the top of the list. Anything else will matter less than the fit of your yoga shorts. Why do you need to find the perfect fit? The last thing you want to think about during your yoga session is if your clothes will stay on or in the right place when performing your poses. It is important to find the perfect fit – the one who doesn’t slouch, doesn’t fold, and can stay in place no matter what poses you do. The length of the inseams and the length of the shorts also matter based on your measurement and preferences. It is so much wiser to have your yoga shorts fitted before purchasing to avoid being disappointed and having to return them. Just remember that the fit of your yoga shorts will directly impact your comfort.


This comes second because you may have the best fit, materials, design, and color but if it is out of your budget range then you might probably just have your heart broken because you will eventually be letting go of the pair or because you know you will be broke for a couple of months because you bought it anyway. Ever heard of dupes? Yes, there are also dupes or what you call almost similar but less pricey brand or version of the yoga shorts. The key is just to broaden up your options. Know what your preferences for your yoga shorts and search for other brands who also have the same specifications. Keep in mind that pricey doesn’t always mean that it is the best. Remember that yoga is supposed to free you of your worries and relax you not to give you something to think of.


You scored a great fitting yoga short at an affordable price but will it last up to a year? Yes, you also have to consider the shorts’ durability because it will be just a waste of resources to buy one that will not last. Much worse if it breaks during the yoga session – we are talking about shorts ripping while stretching, shameful and awkward indeed! Check the materials of the yoga shorts you are going to buy to check if it is durable. Combination of cotton, lycra spandex, polyester, and nylon are the usual materials used for stretchy yoga wear. Do a stretch test too to see if the stitches are nicely done- meaning no loose ends or easy tears. Doing the stretch test at times is enough to see if the yoga shorts are made of see-through cloth. Remember that thin cloth is not equivalent to an airy type of cloth, it often means poor-made materials.


Your choice of clothes represents who you are and that is why yoga clothing brand and makers are producing different designs to choose from so that yogis will not be restricted to blacks and be able to express themselves. In choosing the design of your yoga shorts, you can pick from high waist shorts, thick waistband shorts, long compression shorts or bikini bottom type of shorts. Just remember that in choosing a design of yoga short, you must always consider the waistband. The waistband should fit enough to hold the shorts in place. You must also consider if the design you choose will complement your body type.

Form and Functionality

Yoga pants are a staple in every woman’s closet and have become the new jeans. Yoga pants are not only limited to the corners of gym class but it is also a chic wear over hoodie and rubber shoes or cardigan and heels. And so as yoga shorts for men. Yoga shorts are not only limited to yoga sessions it can also be worn while running, swimming and even cross training. And for the ladies, yoga shorts can be worn even underskirt or dress and even as swimwear too. Definitely, yoga shorts in as versatile as the yoga pants. Some yoga shorts also have pockets where you can put your small belongings like money, jewelry, and even phones. There are also yoga shorts that are made of sweat-resistant fabric that will not leave you soaked after the session. There are also yoga shorts who has breathable fabric, one that can don’t leave your skin irritated after an intense practice. And lastly, there is also a type of yoga shorts who are as good as compression shorts that will firmly hold your muscles to avoid or delay muscle soreness.

The Aftercare

The key to making your yoga shorts in tip-top shape is the aftercare. You must know how to wash and keep your yoga shorts to keep it looking good and not worn out. Look for the care label in your yoga wear. From there you will know what method to use when washing and the chemicals to avoid on your yoga shorts.