Best Yoga Straps

Yoga straps are supportive bands will help you improve your stamina, flexibility, alignment, form and balance. The bonus is that, they can minimize the risk of injury.

So whether you are just new to yoga or looking for a new challenge, a yoga strap can improve your practice.  To make things easier for you, we rounded up the best yoga straps you will find in the market.

A List of the Best Yoga Straps

1. Manduka Unisex Align Yoga Strap – 8 Feet

This is one of the best-known brands for yoga straps because of their environmentally friendly materials which are of high quality. The materials are made of cotton and are hardwearing. If you are a yogi who loves minimalism and doesn’t care much about designs and all that hype about style, then the Manduka Unisex Align Yoga Strap 8′ is the best yoga strap for you. It comes in two sizes to cater to different heights and lengths. The buckle is well designed and is very sturdy so it is almost impossible to break.


  • 100% cotton making it very durable and non-abrasive, this meets the criteria of being environmentally friendly too as their yoga straps are made from sustainable materials. Although the straps are soft, they’re thicker.
  • Enough tension is required to hold the yoga straps in place, this really helps in preventing accidental slipping
  • No buckle-rattling
  • Very adjustable and maneuverable, it totally supports any position you want


  • There is not much design, not so stylish and not enough variety of colors to choose from.
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2. Clever Yoga Strap

Looking for disadvantages in this product is a little bit challenging because this yoga strap is almost perfect.  It comes in 8 foot and 8 foot long straps which are thick and durable made of cotton which lasts very long. The rings are made of solid metal making it highly resistant to the wear and tear. The Clever yoga strap is machine washable which allows you to clean easily and reuse as much as you want.


  • Very thick, you can hold firmly to the straps and it gives you the feeling of security to hold difficult poses even for a long time.
  • Since is made of cotton, it is lightweight making it easier for you to carry around even  if you plan to hit the gym before going to work
  • Stylish, it comes in different colors: purple, pink, blue, white and black
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The buckle slips but only if there’s a lot of pressure or weight.
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3. Gaiam Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

This yoga strap is made by Gaiam, a company that is concerned with creating Eco-friendly products while promoting well-being at the same time. The Gaiam’s organic cotton yoga strap has one of the best reviews for yoga straps this is because it is made of 100% organic cotton and what’s more? It is extendable, making it easier for you stretch and allowing you to maintain certain positions for a long time.


  • Made of 100% organic cotton making it very easy to clean and is very durable, it is great for those with sensitive skin
  • With D-rings for closure which is very easy to handle and release
  • The string doesn’t slip easily which is great for flexibility and allowing you to achieve reaching your joints and stretching your muscles. Great for shoulder rolls and stretching the hamstring.
  • Works very well with any type of position, the straps are of a very high quality so if you are the type who doesn’t care about designs and colors then this is the right option for you


  • Their straps don’t have many designs, although the color is white and pleasant to the eyes, this may be a disadvantage because it easily gets dirty since it comes into contact with several surfaces (floor, dirt, sweat etc.)
  • The strap is sort of thin but it’s not that of a matter
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4. Sport2People Stretch Out Strap

This product comes with a yoga strap with sturdy nylon of very good quality that does not stretch. The stitching is very durable, made to last. It comes with a mesh bag for carrying around from the gym. It easily folds up for convenient carrying around wherever you go. This yoga strap is easy to clean as it is washable at low temperature. And if you’ve purchased one, they will give you exercise guides from the internet worth a lifetime! These exercises are made to be performed anywhere. The Sport2People Stretch Out Strap is 8 feet long, meeting the basic requirement length for yoga straps.


  • This is a pretty simple strap which is great  for any level of yoga
  • It has 12 loops for a variety of poses which is great for yoga beginners who want to perfect the art of stretching and posing
  • Made to resist pressure as much as you exert, making it very durable for whatever pressure it goes through
  • The material is  made of nylon with good quality, I like how the seams are stitched well
  • It includes a mesh bag, making it easier for you to carry it around anytime, anywhere! Plus, it comes with work out leaflets which is great for beginners
  • Offers affordable discounts for multiple purchases


  • It is only available in one color, not much designs are available
  • It is only available in 8 feet long, it does not have other length varieties
  • Although it can be a great option for beginners, it doesn’t have a buckle which can be a little bit difficult since it would require some skills and mobile hands.
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5. Yoga Evo Elastic Stretching Strap

This yoga strap is specially made for those who want to improve their flexibility. It is made of cotton blend making it very stretchable. The Yoga Evo Elastic Stretching Strap is great for beginners who just want light resistance. It comes with its own bag to carry around as well as a set of online instructional materials and HD workout videos. It also includes a stretching strap wit loops.


  • It is very lightweight, although it is soft, it is durable enough for your yoga poses and exercises
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • This is very easy to use for beginners in yoga because of its elastic quality making it appropriate for light resistance exercises
  • It comes with a bag or a pouch to keep it in place.
  • It comes with an instructional booklet as well as 2 hours’ worth of HD workout video access


  • The elasticity of the Yoga Evo Elastic Stretching Strap can be its downside because too much stretching of the strap cannot allow an effective position for the yogi in a long time. It can almost be impossible.
  • Can be expensive
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6. Fit Spirit Fitness Exercise Yoga Strap

This is the most affordable strap of all these choices and what makes it better is because of its good quality. This is a simple yoga equipment that allows you to get the most out of your yoga classes. The straps by Fit Spirit are designed to have the right length and components to bring comfort and quality to their customers. Machine washing and machine drying are not suggested. The Fit Spirit Fitness Exercise Yoga Strap is made of cotton which is non-abrasive and very durable for your every yoga session. It easily folds up making it good for yogis on the go.


  • Made of durable and soft material: cotton. The design of the Fit Spirit Fitness Exercise Yoga Strap is very sturdy making it long wearing
  • It is one of the most affordable yoga straps out there that delivers quality and effectivity at the same time
  • Closes with the use of D-rings which are very useful in securing the straps
  • It comes in different colors allowing yogis to choose a color that matches their personality and preferences
  • Can be easily hooked on the mat without any hassles


  • Can be too stretchable
  • You may have to yank on it to  achieve the right length for you, this consumes much time
  • One review reported that it is too thick for his taste
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How Yoga Straps Can Help Your Practice

Increases flexibility

Getting yoga straps is the best choice to make for your yoga class. This is due to the fact that yoga straps provide you support whenever your stretch during your classes. The poses for yoga might be confusing for beginners and even impossible to do but yoga straps make them possible. Using a yoga strap and knowing how to use it well will make your body more flexible thus allowing you to do those difficult yoga poses. This way, your mind, body, and spirit are synchronized well.

Straps allow you to avoid poses that dangerously tense the shoulders also known as reaching in, which can affect your muscles and limbs negatively. A common example of a wrong pose is grabbing the toes with a rounded back. This pose can be made easier by putting a yoga strap around the feet then pull your upper body forward while taking care to align while stretching the spine on relaxed shoulders. This has allowed me to experience great stretching of the back without negatively affecting my form.

Yoga straps are particularly great for beginners or for those who have tense shoulders and hamstrings. Even experienced yogists use yoga straps for almost impossible poses.

Maintains proper posture

We all know that doing yoga improves your posture but do you maintain this when you’re now outside sessions? Yoga straps are great for achieving this even when you’re simply commuting off to or from work. It also aligns your limbs well. Additionally, the yoga straps assist you in making deeper twists, extending limbs longer and great for shoulder openings.

Allows proper balancing and inverting

There are many difficult poses in yoga such as balancing on one foot and holding your leg. This is attainable without having to destroy form by placing a strap on the extended foot.

Choosing the Best Yoga Straps

Choosing the best yoga strap that will make you feel sure that it is securing your mat in the right place is equally as important as making sure that the things ahead your day are planned well without the side hassles. There are a lot of people who make a mistake of buying a yoga strap in a hurry without considering some vital factors. They might have been distracted by the design, the popularity or the discount offer which are the common pitfalls of selecting the best yoga straps. Of course, like any other bag, you would need to consider the factors previously mentioned but there are more important factors to consider and mostly they should come in the right order.

Endurance –the yoga strap that you are going to buy should be worth the money. It should be able to survive despite the long-term wear and tear in the gym or in the yoga class.

Material –polyester and cotton are one of the materials trusted for yoga straps as both are very durable and comfortable to use; which means both have the qualities needed for yoga activities since those materials are comfortable for the skin and can survive despite much stretching and usage. It should also be non-slip as you will continually grasp and hold it while doing yoga exercises. Being non-slip will add up to the safety factor since you will be able to hold on to it longer without slipping.

Length –a strap with a length of six feet is the common length for the best yoga straps but if you are taller than average, straps as long as 8 feet can be very useful. There are even ten-foot yoga straps that can accommodate very tall individuals even with the legs extended.

Type of strap closure

There are three types of closure for yoga straps: D-ring, buckles and no closure. For beginners, the D-ring closure is suggested as it is very easy to manipulate and for creating loops and ties. D-rings are also very secure. However, others choose to have the buckle since it is actually more secure than D-ring because of the lesser chances of slipping. For advance yogists, the most common would be the no-closure as this is the easiest of all to manipulate.


Taking care of the environment also means taking care of the yoga products that you are going to buy. Avoid buying products made from synthetic resins or PVC  which is not biodegradable. There are also harmful chemicals that may harm your health especially when it comes into contact with skin or when these chemicals are inhaled in the long run.

How much

The price is also when of the factors to look into to really see if it is really worth the money. There might be those really affordable ones but with very poor quality and durability.

Final Thoughts

Overall, your preferences, experience, and type of yoga dictate on the yoga strap you’re planning to buy. Just make sure they fit in the right criteria for the best yoga straps.