Best Yoga Studio Software of 2024

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Are you a small yoga studio owner or a teacher at one? Yoga studio management softwares aren’t only for the big players. A yoga studio management software might help you organize and automate tasks even if you maintain a small yoga studio. If you assign your yoga center administration to the best software, you’ll have more time for other work like managing your clients, marketing, and more.

Best Yoga Studio

Often, we come across essential tools and programs that are high-maintenance and require installation and operating expertise. We believe that yoga studio software should be easy to use. Therefore, we have selected the best yoga studio software available for small and big businesses.

The Best Yoga Software


It is essential to have the proper equipment for managing a company to carry out the necessary activities and maintain an orderly record system. This is why MINDBODY is our first recommendation for yoga studio management systems.

Appointment scheduling, invoicing, and payment processing are just some of the things that MINDBODY can help you with. MINDBODY provides all the tools necessary to run a thriving yoga center. This program’s useful features include company administration, report generation, and course scheduling.

You may expand your clientele and maintain relationships with your existing clientele with the help of MINDBODY’s advertising tools. You should consider MINDBODY whether you’ve been in the company for a long time or are just starting your business.

MINDBODY is a pioneer in the industry. It is a well-known, functional software that helps you manage your yoga studio.

One of the main draws of MINDBODY is that they have the most comprehensive app directory, meaning that you may attract more walk-in customers, visitors, etc. For just $139 per month, their “Starter” subscription provides you with almost everything you need to manage your studio.

In our opinion, the $279/month accelerator plan is better since it includes crucial elements like mobile-friendly booking software and email marketing that are lacking from the Starter package. Nevertheless, even the basic plan comes packed with features like online booking, point-of-sale integration, the ability to sell items, inventory monitoring, and much more.

2. WellnessLiving

WellnessLiving is a cutting-edge yoga business management software. WellnessLiving helps you run your yoga studio and facilitates the creation of a yoga shop online. Memberships, classes, items, services, and anything else may all be offered for sale in your virtual shop.

With credit card processing incorporated, transactions may be completed quickly. WellnessLiving allows you to set up automatic monthly invoicing and withdrawals for your subscriptions. Customer receipts are sent and stored in their accounts for easy access.

This program is compatible with the most recent hardware solutions, including scanners, tags, readers, and cash registers. WellnessLiving was developed with your client’s comfort and convenience in mind.

For just $59/month, you have access to almost all the tools you’ll need to run your business. Additionally, their professional plan is equipped with handling more complex scenarios, such as scheduling classes, creating wait lists, and reserving workshop spaces.

We have high hopes for the program, as it is quickly catching up to Mindbody and becoming a formidable rival to the market leader. Also, it’s commendable that they have a monthly subscription route rather than a yearly commitment. This way, you won’t be committed to them for a year if it doesn’t work out.

3. Zen Planner

Zen Planner is for you if you’d rather spend your time focusing on customers and students than behind a desk, making appointments and confirming them through email. The Zen Planner yoga studio software lets you give your whole attention to your students. Students may use Zen Planner online to register for courses and make payments. In addition to these primary functions, Zen Planner also offers automated billing, retail, and in-depth reporting.

Zen Planner has demonstrated a 20% increase in yearly income for studio owners. Zen Planner is a wonderful choice for busy studios, with basic plans for up to 50 users. It provides you with all the tools necessary to operate your company successfully.

4. The Studio Director

Studios of various kinds, from yoga and martial arts studios to dance studios, may benefit from The Studio Director, a business management solution tailored to their unique needs. By using Studio Director, you can ensure that your clients always come first.

You may send them customized emails and set up email marketing programs for current and potential customers. The Studio Director puts all the tools for studio management at your fingertips. In addition to facilitating inventory management, tuition processing, and recurring payments, this software also allows for online client registration, bulk mailings, and SMS messages.

5. Bookee

Bookee has become the go-to platform for fitness and wellness companies to manage and expand their operations. Bookee has assisted several yoga business owners by providing them with cutting-edge scheduling, booking, streaming live, mobile applications, and website integration tools.

The fitness industry may benefit greatly from using Bookee. The bookee app includes all the cutting-edge tools and features you need to launch your own online yoga training program, open your yoga studio, or grow your yoga brand into a countrywide chain.

The unified platform has everything you need to run a successful yoga studio out of the palm of your hand, including top-tier branded applications, a sleek website, and user-friendly automation features. The software’s many connectors will make running your fitness company a breeze. So that you don’t have to modify your business model to match the requirements of your yoga studio’s software, it centralizes all the scheduling, sales, payments, and marketing functions that are essential to a successful contemporary yoga company. In its place, you’ll get customized software to meet your company’s specific requirements.

6. RunSensible

RunSensible is a one-stop shop for managing your company’s operations. No matter the size of your yoga studio, the tools you need to manage the company are all accessible from the RunSensible dashboard. The online booking tool allows you to schedule all of your lessons, manage your customers and leads, develop landing pages for your website, and establish email marketing campaigns. RunSenible allows every one of your workers to have their profile, making it simple to delegate duties to them. On RunSensible, you have complete control over the look and run of your automated workflow and sales funnels. So that your yoga studio may flourish, RunSensible provides you with the greatest of all possible features.


If you’re just getting started as a yoga instructor, is a fantastic resource. Online teachers can also benefit from using this technology. It’s cheap, with monthly plans and a free tier for the most basic needs. The software includes things a new firm would need, but you can pay for extras to have the full-featured dashboard you desire. A wide variety of optional upgrades are available for each of their designs. The fundamental package allows you to generate discount coupons, manage attendance, send reminders, and register and pay for classes online.

8. Momoyoga

Momoyoga is a program designed specifically for yoga studios. The program is built so teachers and students can easily utilize it. Momoyoga’s biggest feature is undoubtedly its class management capabilities. Including information on class sizes, attendance, absences, and more, it provides comprehensive data. Momoyoga’s interface is intuitive, but the software’s booking and payment features are too convoluted. In general, it’s a useful instrument that doesn’t break the bank.

9. TeamUp

TeamUp is a great studio management system for new and developing yoga studios. The important features they provide include a robust customer relationship management system, several membership types, time and attendance tracking, and invoicing automation. They also provide tools for marketing and selling digital products like ebooks and video courses. However, they do not provide as many supplementary resources as you expect. 

To use email marketing solutions, for instance, you’ll need to connect them to other platforms. On the whole, it’s a useful resource. However, it may be pricey compared to similar tools, especially considering the absence of other capabilities.

10. Glofox

Glofox is a fitness management platform that provides its users with various administrative features, such as membership and contract creation, payment processing, and class schedule. Glofox caters its offerings to specific fitness markets, such as gyms, yoga studios, martial arts centers, cycling studios, etc.

The Glofox platform is broken down into five features that each focus on a different aspect of the customer lifecycle: marketing, sales, management, member experience, and retention. Using the CRM’s administrative interface, you may manage class registration and member subscriptions on your customers’ behalf. The goal is to streamline business practices and retain more customers.

Glofox provides a web-based interface in addition to a mobile app via which your customers may schedule and pay for fitness services. It offers marketing tools, including Facebook pixel integration, pushes alerts, and book-sharing buttons.

11. GymMaster

Yoga studios may benefit from GymMaster, a web-based membership management system created specifically for the health and fitness industry. You can easily manage your membership, monitor their progress, and provide them with convenient online services like scheduling, paying, and checking their progress through a dedicated website.

The sophisticated Access Control system provided by GymMaster eliminates the need for a front desk attendant to let clients into the studio each time they visit. Customers may sign up, make payments, and get reminders in one convenient online location using the payment management function. Also, thanks to the POS system, you may increase your earnings by selling extra items and accessories to your clients.

12. Fitli Yoga

The Fitli app was developed to facilitate people’s efforts to achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Fitli is proud of its low prices, high-quality customer care, and user-friendly interface. Appointments may be scheduled, payments can be made, and emails can be sent—all from the comfort of a customer’s home computer or mobile device.

If you have any questions or need help getting started, reps from Fitil are standing by. Price-wise, it’s a no-brainer. All of Fitli’s tools are available to you regardless of the size of your company. You’ll only ever pay the low flat rate per transaction charge. The cost to you is completely transparent at all times. With Fitli Yoga, you can aid your clients in achieving their fitness goals while maintaining a healthy bottom line.

13. Acuity Scheduling 

Once you use Acuity Scheduling, you will never again have to schedule customers manually. With Acuity Scheduling, customers can quickly and conveniently book appointments via your website. It also has the feature to cancel or reschedule appointments.

Your customer will get a personalized confirmation from Acuity when they schedule an appointment with you. You can also send appointment reminders through email or text messages. Clients who forget about or are late to their appointments will no longer cause you to waste time or money.

Acuity Scheduling also serves as a payment gateway for clients. This program includes three individualized widgets for showcasing recent posts, top posts, and social networking. Learn how to use Acuity Scheduling to bring in more business.

14. Bitrix24

Over four million companies across the globe utilize the free Bitrix24 platform for yoga studio administration. Starting a company is simple; keeping it going, especially as your yoga studio expands, may be challenging without the proper resources.

A scalable organizational structure and the appropriate set of tools will become essential to your firm’s continued success as it expands to accommodate more consumers and additional teachers.

You’re in luck since Bitrix24 can assist you in constructing both internal systems and external connections. This interface allows you to meet all your human resource, project, and advertising needs. In addition to features like sales and client management, staff management, document management, scheduling, and time management, Bitrix24 also includes solutions for managing your company’s finances. You can access Bitrix24 over the web, so hiring a dedicated IT professional is no longer necessary.

15. CourseStorm

CourseStorm is an effective platform that helps you automate the registration and promotion of courses. This program allows you to reach more students with less effort and time. This registration system works well for any size or kind of class.

You do not need a contract to use CourseStorm; pay as you go is how it will work out for you. Clients of CourseStorm only pay a flat four percent on all credit card transactions, and they handle all aspects of safety and payment card processing for your convenience.

Anyone may use it to sign up their pupils because of how straightforward it is. CourseStorm provides easy online registration with many other benefits, such as customizable themes, a website, backend connection, and top-notch customer service. CourseStorm is ready for use, so you can begin enrolling students immediately.

16. SuperSaaS

Any organization may take advantage of SuperSaaS since it is a flexible online scheduling solution. It’s a low-cost and versatile option for running your yoga studio. Customers will like the ability to schedule appointments whenever they choose, day or night.

The platform automatically sends email reminders to clients to keep them from forgetting their appointments. You may use SuperSaaS immediately without downloading or installing anything. It’s fully web-based, so you may use it with whichever browser you choose.

The platform backs up your data routinely without you having to do anything. Since it is stored on SuperSaaS’s server, all necessary upgrades and updates are applied immediately upon release.

17. Vagaro

As a company, Vagaro’s goal is to facilitate the expansion of your business. With Vagaro, you’ll never be late for another meeting again. Your clients may choose their own convenient time for their next session. Your clients may use the Vagaro booking widget to schedule sessions on your yoga studio’s website, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, or the Vagaro website itself.

Vagaro allows you to stay in contact with your clientele via electronic mail, text message, and push notification delivery. The software will send you notifications if a customer makes or change an appointment. Vagaro will allow you to focus on customer service while increasing productivity.

18. Yoga Trail

Yoga studios may utilize YogaTrail, a free business management software, to expand and streamline their operations. Here, in one convenient spot, you can find yoga studios and courses throughout the United States.

Clients may search based on location, schedule availability, instructor name, or course topic. Connect with your students, take payments, and promote your business with Yoga Trail. You may advertise your events locally or internationally by using their services, which include access to the YogaTrail directory on the YogaTrail website and mobile app, as well as receiving connections to your website and social media profiles.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Yoga Software

Yoga studio booking software focuses mostly on the scheduling element. Some software concentrates on only one or two elements, while others include every function. This could make it difficult to determine which software is best for your company. Knowing all the options that various yoga studio apps provide will help you choose the best tool you need. The software that delivers those functions is then yours to pick, depending on what features are essential to you.

Automation Tools

You can spend more time doing what you like most—teaching yoga—if you automate as many mundane activities as possible. Note the mundane chores you wish to automate before scheduling a demo of the yoga studio management software you’re considering.

Do a trial run of the yoga studio software you’re considering acquiring to see whether it will help you save time by automating the administrative activities you’re presently doing manually. You will have more time now that you have a prioritized list of the essential automations for your yoga studio. Regarding managing your yoga studio, you shouldn’t settle for a yoga program that doesn’t meet your fundamental demands.

Mobile Friendly

Any yoga software supplier that doesn’t prioritize mobile as a key tenet of their business strategy isn’t worth your attention in today’s health and wellness landscape. Accordingly, you should be able to accept this trend and even capitalize on it with the help of your software supplier. Mobile technology can help you solve any booking and payment problems effectively.

You should be cautious about accepting a contract with a software vendor whose product is not mobile-friendly.

Flexible Contract Options

In our opinion, long-term, non-negotiable contracts serve no purpose in today’s cloud-based software ecosystem. Most software infrastructures are convenient, which is ideal for the software industry. This is why we think all software businesses should offer customers the option of shorter-term contracts.

If a firm is confident in its offering, it shouldn’t need to lock you into a contract if it wants to keep you as a customer. Companies can earn long-term consumer loyalty through the quality of products and the service they provide.

Expenses for Extra Users

Some yoga software providers base their prices on the total number of people using their product. This may not be a problem when your yoga studio is small. On the other hand, if your yoga studio expands, you may want to organize students and yoga instructors into separate accounts.

You may spend more money each month due to this than you had planned. Before purchasing, you should research the yoga software provider’s use policy and include that price in your expansion plans.

Wrap Up

With the appropriate yoga studio management software, you can streamline operations, attract and retain more customers, and expand your fitness company. Several administrative activities may be simplified with the help of yoga studio software, including but not limited to communicating effectively with employees, scheduling classes, logging workouts, sending bills, analyzing data and reporting, administering a member site, and more. All of this is simplified with dedicated yoga studio management software.

This article covered the most important factors, necessary features, and top yoga studio management software choices for your organization. When taken as a whole, these components provide you with every piece of data you’ll need to operate your fitness company properly.