Best YouTube Yoga Channels

Thanks to the internet, we have access to so much free information for all our needs. YouTube is such an amazing example of a helpful and free resource for videos of anything and everything under the sun. Lucky for us, there are many YouTube yoga channels to support our journey towards health and happiness.

Learning the basics through a class may be necessary for some while others jump right into the awesome videos found on YouTube. Whatever your learning style, purpose and schedule may be, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in this list of the best YouTube yoga channels.

Yoga Journal

A real classic in the yoga world, Yoga Journal is a must-visit channel for those who want to get their skills and poses on point. The brand was founded in 1975 in California and has not stopped flourishing since then. Through their online videos, printed materials, and live classes, the yogis of this elite group have shared their in-depth knowledge of yoga all over the world.

Yoga Journal’s YouTube channel has more than 60 videos in its catalog. Videos for specific poses like corpse pose or upward facing dog that run for no more than 3 minutes. There are also lengthier videos aimed at different purposes like to “Strengthen your Core” or learning the “Inversion Essentials.” With more than 72,000 followers, Yoga Journal is a very helpful yoga channel on YouTube.

Yoga With Adriene

Perhaps the most popular site for yoga enthusiasts learning through YouTube is Yoga With Adriene. The channel has almost 4 MILLION followers! With playlists like “Yoga for Beginners,” “Yoga for Weight Loss,” “10-15 Minute Yoga Practices” and “Yoga on the Road,” Adriene has very thoughtfully optimized her channel to cater to any yogi’s needs. As a host, she has a very soothing vibe that beginners and experts will appreciate. There’s just really something about this girl.

Adriene also documents a 30 Day Yoga Journey on her YouTube channel each year. Her very approachable attitude and her genuine love for yoga have truly made her an icon in the industry. With around 300,000 million views for over 400 videos, you’ll surely find a video in Yoga With Adriene to suit your mood.


Another YouTube sensation is DOYOUYOGA, an extension of the website of the same name. Boasting over 200,000 subscribers, the channel has a 30 Day Yoga Challenge that is sure to motivate all its supporters. The channel features different yogis like Lacey Haynes, Ann Swanson, Kristin McGee and Raghunath. The best-selling feature of this channel must be its variety. From having different instructors, there are also specific videos for men and for beginners, for hangovers and for the office.

Each video is imbued with originality and connects to a wide range of people. The channel has more than 150 videos, with “5 Key Yoga Poses for Men” and “10 Minute Home Yoga Workout” as some of their most popular ones. The DOYOUYOGA community extends far beyond YouTube through their Facebook and Instagram accounts.


If you’re looking for a channel that has a holistic approach to yoga, you should definitely subscribe to PsycheTruth. The channel has been around since 2007 and is one of the authorities on health and wellness in YouTube. Another great thing about PsycheTruth is how the channel not only focuses on yoga but also deals with topics like massage, psychology, alternative medicine and chiropractic treatments. The channel has a certified holistic health coach and several licensed massage therapists on their team that you can learn from for free!

PsycheTruth has over 2 million subscribers and has an inventory of over 2,000 videos to choose from. Here, you can check out videos like “Morning Yoga for Weight Loss,” “Neck and Shoulder Pain Yoga,” “Swedish Massage Therapy,” all sorts of workouts, stretches and many more.

Body Positive Yoga

A truly inspiring page, Body Positive Yoga promotes self-love and breaks stereotypes about what yogis should look like. A newcomer in the YouTube yoga channel game, Body Positive Yoga started uploading videos on the site since 2012 and has gained over 14,000 followers. Amber Karnes is the founder of the channel and website it’s named after and is one of the yogis presenting lessons in the online platform. Amber’s goal in creating the page is to “work with humans who want to make peace with their bodies and build unshakable confidence.”

If you’re a full-bodied man or woman who has been discouraged to practice yoga or to simply love his- or herself, Body Positive Yoga’s videos will show you just how wrong the rest of the world is for judging you and how wrong you are forever doubting yourself. Aside from Amber, there are several other instructors in the team like Jessamyn Stanley, Virgie Tovar, Ragen Chastain and Kara Lowentheil. The channel also features interviews with body positive yogis, talks about mindful motherhood and yoga, and tips on how to keep your breasts out of your face when doing yoga. Body Positive Yoga is all about being real and loving every inch of yourself.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Looking for a yoga channel for you and the family? Cosmic Kids Yoga is the perfect site for you. With instructional videos designed especially for children ages 3 and up, the entire family can join in the fun and gain all the benefits yoga has to offer. Aside from teaching kids how to bend and stretch their bodies, it also shows relaxation techniques to help those restless children find their center, calm down and be more mindful of their surroundings. Now, there’s a trick any parent would like to learn.

The channel now has more than 200,000 supporters and more than 200 amazing videos to follow. The lively colors and enthusiasm of its host also encourages kids to participate. Even the names of the poses have been kiddie-fied with 90-minute videos teaching you to do the Washing Machine Pose, Sandwich Pose, and Mermaid Pose. There are also themes for the lengthier videos like “Squish the Fish,” “Moana,” “Parsnip the Cat,” “Trolls” and “Star Wars.”

Isn’t it amazing how much you can learn for free online? YouTube is a great place to learn any new skill and who knows, maybe in time, you’ll be creating your own YouTube yoga channel for others to learn from. For now, you can make the most out of the videos from the best YouTube yoga channels. Just keep learning and always remember to be grateful for your health. Namaste.