Benefits Of Yoga For Women


Benefits Of Yoga For Women Every year we discover new chronic diseases and more causes of stress leading people to place more value on health and wellness. And this new definition of health and wellness pertains to a more holistic state of well-being. It’s not just having a healthy body and emotional state but also a sound mind. As nutritionists and health experts come up with different workout trends and diet plans time and again, the popularity of yoga continues to rise. And even so are the number of women getting into it. In the 2016 study released by the Yoga [...]

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How To Start Yoga


How To Start Yoga Compared to other forms of exercises, yoga is known to not just keep you fit and strong but also bring you a better mental health state, positive vibe, and well-being. Though the fact that yoga is proven beneficial in physical health as well as in mental health, the poses and the terms used in it makes some people hesitant to get started. So to break the barrier, here are the things that can help you start your own yoga practice. The Basics of Yoga Breathing It is often a misconception that the poses are the only [...]

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Best YouTube Yoga Channels


Best YouTube Yoga Channels Thanks to the internet, we have access to so much free information for all our needs. YouTube is such an amazing example of a helpful and free resource for videos of anything and everything under the sun. Lucky for us, there are many YouTube yoga channels to support our journey towards health and happiness. Learning the basics through a class may be necessary for some while others jump right into the awesome videos found on YouTube. Whatever your learning style, purpose and schedule may be, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in this list [...]

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Yoga for Depression


Yoga For Depression According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression is one of the most common medical illness that doesn't just affect an individual's feelings, but also the way they think and their actions in their everyday life. It may cause a person's sadness and usually, it manifests together with a loss of interest in activities a person once enjoyed. This type of mental illness can also cause different problems such as emotional and physical problems for an individual suffering from it. It also can greatly affect a person's drive whether in the work setting or at home. What are [...]

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Fun Yoga Poses


Fun Yoga Poses Yoga is not just your typical workout; it is a group of disciplines that is known to have originated in India during the 5th or 6th century BCE. It has also been speculated by experts that it originated during pre-Vedic Indian traditions. During the 1980s, it became popular as a system of physical exercise when it was introduced to the western world. It is not just a cool fitness activity, it is also a philosophy that includes meditation and touches an individual's spiritual core. Performing yoga can be a bit challenging and difficult to perform for beginners. [...]

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Yoga Poses For Two People


Yoga Poses For Two People Isn’t it satisfying to accomplish a new yoga pose that you have been practicing for a while? There’s nothing that feels more rewarding than settling with your new pose, calming and relaxing those tensed muscles. How about sharing that excitement with your close friend, sibling, or partner? Do you know that couples who engage in challenging new activities together can feel an increase in relationship quality and romantic attraction (if it's that kind of relationship)? Plus, yoga is awesome for men too. Well, you heard it right - learning new skills together will both allow [...]

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7 Most Popular Types Of Yoga


7 Most Popular Types Of Yoga Yoga has been widely known today as an alternative form of exercise in which both the body and the mind plays a crucial role in achieving a sense of balance and well being. Practicing yoga has many benefits, it improves blood circulation, lower blood pressure, improves posture, boosts the immune system, and strengthens the muscles. Like many other forms of exercise, yoga has several different types, it may be overwhelming for people who would like to try it out for the first time. This is an in-depth guide explaining the different types of yoga [...]

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How Often Should You Do Yoga?


How Often Should You Do Yoga? It's super common for yogis, especially beginners, to wonder how often they should practice. The good thing is that the answer largely depends on the person practicing and what they want to experience. Since yoga is such a vast practice with hundreds of physical poses, many breathing techniques, chanting, subtle bodywork, meditation, self-study, and so much more - it's very safe and very beneficial to incorporate it into your everyday life. Yoga just as much, if not more, about getting to know yourself as it is about becoming more flexible. So, it's up to you [...]

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8 Great Yoga Poses For The Morning


8 Great Yoga Poses For The Morning If you saw our post about why it's so beneficial to practice yoga first thing in the morning but you're not sure how to get started, this posts for you. Technically, any pose can be done in the morning so you can't really go wrong but if it's the first thing you do when you roll out of bed you'll be doing yourself a favor if you start with some more gentle poses to warm up your body a bit and lengthen your muscles and fascia that can get tight while we're at rest. [...]

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Yoga for IBS


Yoga for IBS There are several practices within yoga that have been proven to alleviate painful, unwanted digestive symptoms. What makes this even more alluring is that yoga techniques can also improve digestive function - unlike pills which usually only provide temporary relief for symptoms. Scientists have discovered there is a strong connection between what is happening in our digestive system and what is happening in our brain. Have you ever noticed your brain feels foggy or that you're more forgetful when you're bloated, gassy, or backed up? This is just one of many ripple effects that occur when our gut is [...]

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