How To Use Vinegar To Clean Your Yoga Mat


If you smell something strange when you are in a child's pose, then it could be your yoga mat that smells. It really is true. Using your mat on a regular basis combined with body oil, dirt, dust, sweat and other types of debris can really add up, and leave your mat with an odor that most likely you will want to avoid. You are, after all, standing in your bare feet on it. Don't worry. There are even solutions that are available for those of us who are lazy or very busy. Depending on the style of yoga that you [...]

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How To Make A Natural DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner


Yoga, as a physical exercise, involves poses and positions that anyone can do regardless of your age or body type. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of bending, balancing, and sweating involved. But thanks to your yoga mat, you can do these different poses and feel relaxed and more energized. And when it’s time for you to take a bath, so does your yoga mat. Cleaning your yoga mat doesn't necessarily have to involve immersing it in water like your typical laundry. It can be as quick and easy as spraying it with an antibacterial solution so that it won’t become [...]

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How To Clean A Yoga Mat


Your yoga mat is like your yoga partner. It’s where you balance, bend, and sweat. This means it can also get covered in dirt, oil, sweat, and even collect dust during storage. And over time, you can expect it to smell. As much as you would want to use a clean mat every time you have your yoga session, we simply don’t clean it as frequently as we bathe ourselves or as we wash our yoga clothes. But you’ll be glad to know that it’s easy to clean your yoga mat. You just have to make time for it, just like [...]

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