Child’s Pose (Balasana)


Child’s Pose (Balasana) Most of the time you'll hear your yoga teacher give cues like “rest in child’s pose. Feel free to come back to this pose anytime you need a break from our sequence today.” Child’s pose is included in many asana sequences. May it be in a beginner’s level or advanced class, Vinyasa or Yin. Sometimes at the very beginning to get the students centered, present in the moment, and a time to set their intentions. Other times, in the middle, to remind them to take a pause and rest. Also after a peak pose when you have exerted [...]

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Does Yoga Help You Sleep


Does Yoga Help You Sleep Sleep can be difficult to find sometimes, especially after a long, stressful day. According to the NIH survey around 7-19% of adults in the US are not getting enough sleep. As we enter the dreaded 9 to 5 we now succumb to juggling work with leisure and we tend to forget sleep as an important part of our well being. Less sleep means we are susceptible to illness like high blood pressure, diabetes, and a weakened immune system. Lack of sleep also makes us prone to mood changes, clumsiness, and lack of concentration. To prevent this, [...]

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Yoga Wall Poses


Yoga Wall Poses Are you new to yoga? Or have you been practicing for a while but find some poses not yet accessible to you? Do you want to go deeper into some postures you’ve been practicing for some time now? Then I’d like to introduce you to your new friend - the wall. Yes, the wall! That sturdy, concrete structure in your room, house, office, studio, gym, you get what I mean. The wall is a reliable, practical and accessible prop that is very useful for your asana practice. Here’s how: the wall serves as a spotter that you can [...]

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Hip Opening Poses


Hip Opening Poses Does your day involve sitting for long periods of time? Like in school, work, transportation, meals, binge-watching your favorite TV shows? As a result, our bodies are prone to tightness and weakness in ways specific to sitting. The buttock and thigh muscles tend to be weak, and the hamstrings, inner thighs (groins), and calves tighten up. Our bodies are all shaped differently. We also have different ranges in terms of mobility. There are many factors that affect the hip range of motion. Some are susceptible to change, like muscle tightness. Others are more fixed, like bone structure. Knowing [...]

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Yoga Balance Poses


Yoga Balance PosesBalance is so important both on and off your yoga mat. Let’s start off with your career, family, love, and relationships. All these areas in your life need to be balanced to be able to give the right amount of time to each of these important aspects. Don’t forget to add some me-time too.And when we talk about time for yourself, that means also balancing the state of your mind, body, and soul. One way to achieve this is to perform yoga balance poses. Yoga balance poses help to build strength in a different area of the body such as [...]

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Best Bedtime Yoga Poses


Best Bedtime Yoga Poses If you are having difficulty falling asleep or getting a good night rest, instead of popping a pill to get some complete shut-eye, you might want to try yoga. A study was done at Harvard Medical School on the effects of practicing yoga on a daily basis and how it impacted sleep quantity and quality. They gathered participants that have type 1 insomnia, or insomnia that develops on its own and type 2 insomnia, which is a by-product of previous cause such as ailments, conditions, and/or substance use. The participants were asked to record their sleep as [...]

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Heart Opening Poses


Heart Opening Poses   Has anyone ever told you to live with an open heart? Well, whatever do you think this means but, in yoga, we do heart opening poses as a doorway to our vulnerabilities. These poses allow you to be exposed. There will be nothing standing between the heart and the rest of the world, only allowing the beating hearts to be unguarded and blissful for the moment. Read below to learn the following yoga poses that will help you open your heart and balance the heart chakra, the energy center for emotion, compassion, and love. Different Heart Opening [...]

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Restorative Yoga Poses


Restorative Yoga Poses Do you experience tension in your hamstrings, hips or all over in your head from hustling all through the day? Don’t worry! There are ways you can reclaim calmness and reset your whole body and mind with just some “me time” and in just a few simple steps. Below, we'll review different restorative yoga poses to help you calm down and ease stress in the mind and body. So what are you waiting for? Grab few pillows, some yoga bolsters, towels and of course, your yoga mat and get ready to unwind with these simple poses. Easy Restorative [...]

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Yoga Poses For Kids


22 Fun, Easy, and Safe Yoga Poses For Kids Kids are naturally active and full of energy. They are very curious and eager to learn, absorbing everything around them like a sponge. Also, at the stage of monkey-see, monkey-do, they could pretty much copy everything they set their eyes on. This is a great opportunity for parents to teach kids how to channel their energy in activities that will greatly benefit their development, growth, and creativity. Kids nowadays are attached to their electronic devices which can cause adverse effects on their vision, promote bad posture, over-stimulation, irritability, and difficulty to [...]

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Yoga for Depression


Yoga For Depression According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression is one of the most common medical illness that doesn't just affect an individual's feelings, but also the way they think and their actions in their everyday life. It may cause a person's sadness and usually, it manifests together with a loss of interest in activities a person once enjoyed. This type of mental illness can also cause different problems such as emotional and physical problems for an individual suffering from it. It also can greatly affect a person's drive whether in the work setting or at home. What are [...]

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