Yoga Poses For Two People


Isn’t it satisfying to accomplish a new yoga pose that you have been practicing for a while? There’s nothing that feels more rewarding than settling with your new pose, calming and relaxing those tensed muscles. How about sharing that excitement with your close friend, sibling, or partner? Do you know that couples who engage in challenging new activities together can feel an increase in relationship quality and romantic attraction (if it's that kind of relationship)? Plus, yoga is awesome for men too. Well, you heard it right - learning new skills together will both allow you have fun as you [...]

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10 Yoga Poses To Do Every Day


Whether you are a professional fitness expert or a just person who loves to stay fit and stay in shape, yoga is without a doubt one of the best fitness activities to practice on a daily basis. There may be some form of hesitation for some who are beginners, and it may be hard for some who do not have an idea on how to properly start practicing yoga. The good news is: Anyone can start practicing it by trying out basic poses and gradually learning the more complex and complicated ones. Yoga presents different benefits for everyone. Men, women, [...]

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Top 10 Yoga Poses For Beginners


There are hundreds of yoga poses available for you to practice and countless variations of those poses to help you achieve wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. With that said, when you're just getting started with a yoga practice you can narrow things down a lot by using a few foundational poses that can help to build your confidence, strength, balance, increase endurance and prepare you to move through more intermediate and/or advanced yoga poses when you're ready. Before we share some of our favorite yoga poses for beginners, let's review a few other helpful tips to keep in mind when [...]

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