Hatha Yoga vs. Vinyasa

There are many different types of yoga available. Yogis usually go after different types of yoga and they decide which one specifically works for them. It is generally recommended to try out different styles to challenge yourself and know your body fully and allow it to experience the different benefits each yoga style gives you.

Hatha Yoga

Different forms of yoga available in the West are considered as Hatha Yoga. The word “Hatha” means forceful or the activity of yoga. It also means a yoga that gives balance and stability. Hatha yoga is perfect for aligning the body, spirit, and mind and making it ready for the meditation activity.

Hatha yoga is considered as an old system, it is known to have its roots originated in India during the 15th-century. This yoga style consists of a combination of different yoga postures and breathing exercises. These yoga styles when properly done and executed will bring balance and stability to your mind, body, and spirit. It is important for the preparation for deep spiritual meditation your body will be undergoing.

Hatha yoga is an umbrella Sanskrit term that includes different physical postures of yoga. Hatha yoga is the combination of different styles which focuses on the physical-based practice of different yoga poses. Nowadays, Hatha yoga classes focus on the combination of breathing and exercises. Hatha yoga is perfect for beginners, it will help you adjust and it will be a great entry to yoga as a fitness activity.

There are different Hatha yoga classes available; it is important to check the studio before heading for a class or session. Hatha yoga usually varies but it is can be gentle and is recommended for yoga beginners because poses are generally held a little longer than other styles which allows time to adjust and find proper alignment.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is known for purifying the body and keeping it free from different diseases. It is also known for helping the body gets rid of unwanted toxins. It is effective in relieving your body from undesirable cravings like smoking, drugs or alcohol. A healthy body can be easily achieved by practicing Hatha yoga regularly. Hatha yoga is also known for toning the endocrine glands of the body which help with the proper releasing of hormones which results in a harmonious functioning of the body systems. By practicing different poses or asanas and executing it together with proper breathing exercises allows the body to have a perfect balance and become healthy.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is one of the most active and athletic yoga forms. When attending yoga classes, yogis participate by using different poses and coordinating it with breathing exercises and making sure the flow is continuous. Different yoga styles like Ashtanga, Baptiste, Power, and Prana flow yoga are all considered as Vinyasa yoga.

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means “placing something in a special way”. Vinyasa originated from Ashtanga yoga during the 1980s. During Vinyasa classes, the movement of different poses is coordinated according to the breath and it should flow smoothly and continuously from one specific pose to another. There are different types of poses and sequences that can be done in Vinyasa yoga. Each class can vary from one another and the flow from each pose can also be held and can be done for a longer time after the warm-up exercises.

Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is the perfect yoga style if you are aiming to build and strengthen your muscles all throughout your body. By using music during yoga classes, you can experience transcendence during your meditation. The perfect combination of sound and different poses plus channeling proper breathing exercises causes the mind, body, and soul to open up. As we move our bodies through the series of motions, Vinyasa yoga resembles a dance-like movement while properly incorporating breath exercises, which explains why it is sometimes called Flow Yoga or Vinyasa Flow. These series of movements allows both the physical and mental aspect of a person to fully benefit. By sweating the body is able to get rid of toxins. By doing controlled breathing while doing the different flow of motions, the mind is able to relax and reduce stress from the body. Vinyasa yoga is perfect for self-improvement and increases the sense of your whole being. It allows the body, mind, and spirit to open up and allow change to happen inside of us and by that process it allows our bodies to achieve self-awareness and incorporate it accordingly in our daily lives.

Hatha and Vinyasa yoga both have the goals of improving a person’s strength and flexibility. By properly executing different poses and incorporating breathing techniques both styles also improve a person’s breathing and achieve a peaceful and quiet mind. Each form of yoga has a goal to successfully create both fitness of the mind and the body but the way of execution might differ. Hatha yoga or Hatha Vidya is concentrated on the preparation of the body for the process of undergoing meditation while Vinyasa yoga also known as Ashtanga yoga is a combination of fast-paced flow of postures in between movements.

Whichever yoga style you will choose from the two options, always make sure that with the combination of proper diet and regular practice of different asanas, everyone can attain a body free from all diseases. It is not just about sweating and just doing the exercises to keep your body fit and slim but Yoga is about knowing yourself deeply and embracing your body and loving it. Yoga is about listening properly and executing a task or pose. By doing these things properly you will be able to experience transcendence and be able to do proper meditation as you do different poses and incorporate breathing exercises as a part of your daily routine.