How to Keep Leggings From Falling Down

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Leggings are the most comfortable and convenient piece of clothing you can opt for when working out or running errands. They are very versatile, regardless of where you want to go and what you want to do. When working out or running errands, the topmost priority of people is that they need to be comfortable and at ease. However, it ends up being the most difficult thing to deal with when it moves around, especially when you are busy. You would constantly have to adjust the waistband to your liking. 

How to Keep Leggings From Falling Down

Regardless of where you wear your leggings, you will always want them to be comfortable. Leggings are meant to be skin-tight, so they should remain so without having to be uncomfortable. Wrongly fit leggings are not just an inconvenience; they are unflattering and inappropriate as well. So let’s look into why do leggings roll down and why leggings get loose and how to prevent this from happening.

Why Do Leggings Roll Down?

Before we figure out a solution for this highly problematic issue, we must know why we face it in the first place. Knowing this will immediately reduce the chances of it happening. Usually, leggings roll down when the fabric used lacks quality. Another reason is if the size is improper, and the waist does not properly fit. The improper fit may cause the waistband to fall and sit below where it is usually supposed to sit. 

Another reason for this may be worn-out leggings. Over time, the stretchable material of the leggings wears out, and it causes it to sit uncomfortably on your hips. Loose leggings will be uncomfortable, especially when working out. This may also happen when your leggings are not of good material. This will cause the leggings to stretch out while you are wearing them, even for the first few times. 

Your body proportions will also affect the legging sit on your waist properly. This means you might have to get your leggings fitted properly if you can’t find one for your body type in the market. If you pick a legging too tight or loose, it may be uncomfortable and inconvenient for you to wear them.

How Can I Keep My Leggings From Falling Down?

If you want to ensure that your leggings look like they are supposed to and not like some random harem pants, you need to look at the list compiled below before buying new ones.

Get the Right Size

You need to get the leggings that would fit you just right. To ensure this, you must hold the waistband and pull it gently from your waist, squatting down. It would be best if you found the best possible fit which provides a gentle, firm hip hug.

You can also determine the size of the leggings with the measurements of your waist, hip, and seams. Leggings need to be a tight fit. Hence you should take your weight into account as well. Each brand that makes leggings has a different size chart that you would have to look up. This works well when you know exactly how to do all of this.

When you get the right-sized leggings, they would have no wrinkles, no bagginess, and they would not move on their own. The leggings need to be tight enough, but not too tight. There needs to be a breathing space between the leggings and the skin, but the leggings should not be too loose that they keep falling.

Check the Seams

You can also use the seams to guide how a legging should fit. The seams should be straight regardless of how they lie next to your body. If you have not pulled up your leggings enough, the leggings will start to roll down. The leggings, which will be your right size, will not ride up in your crotch area when you pull them up. The seams should fall straight in the crevices of your hips, your crotch, and the inner part of your thigh. The leggings should look appropriate even if they are supposed to be skin-tight. 

Seams may seem slightly inconvenient when you look at the way the leggings ride up or go down if they are not the right size. The seams ensure that the leggings are more durable and will not tear or rip during an intense workout session. The seams also help stabilize the shape and maintain it in case the leggings are of the right size. They give the leggings enough resistance to survive hard, long training sessions and run errands. 

Take Proper Care of the Leggings

It would be best if you washed your leggings separately. It would be highly preferred if you did not wash them with clothing items with zippers or hooks. This will ensure you don’t rip your leggings and not let them be in the condition you can wear outside. Leggings should also not be washed in immensely hot water.

If you use your leggings frequently, they may wear out quicker than other clothes. The elasticity tends to lessen, and it may cause the fabric to stretch and turn into a loose, bulky mess that would be too uncomfortable to be worn. 

Wash your leggings in cold water and a garment bag. This will not let the intensive machine washing stretch the clothes too much. Washing clothes in cold water makes them go back to their original shape. This would make the leggings return to their original shape and look as good as new after a wash.

Particularly for leggings, it is preferred that you do not use a machine dryer for them. The dryer is known to stretch out the leggings in all weird ways possible. Instead, you can go for a traditional way of drying the leggings. Drying them on a drying rack or spreading them out on flat surfaces. This will increase the lifespan of the stretchable cloth.

Pick Compression Fabrics

Compression fabrics are what give you the flattering workout legging look. Compression, here, means that the seams do not dig into your body and make you uncomfortable. Instead, they wrap your body in all the correct ways. It means that when you have the right-sized leggings, they will not ride up and into your crevices. This will also ensure that you do not look unflattering.

Aim for an Adjustable Waistband

An adjustable waistband drawstring will mean that you do not stretch out the top elastic of your legging and can have the leggings sit comfortably on your waist. These will not make your leggings bulky. They will be a nice adjustment, increasing the garment’s life.

Opt for High Waist Leggings

The best way to ensure your leggings do not fall is to opt for the high waist legging. This style of legging proves to be extremely comfortable and easy to wear. In addition to not riding up, this will also make you look slim. The waistband will hug your torso and ensure it does not fall. 

Avoid Using Fabric Conditioners

If you use the fabric conditioners available in the market, you will cause the leggings to soften up and lose their elasticity. This will cause them to look worn out even if they have not been in use long enough to be considered worn out. The chemicals in the fabric softeners will make the fibers of the leggings clogged and waxy, making them fall or slide down easily. Being heavy will mess with keeping them on the waist, sitting comfortably around it. In addition to this, it will always make the leggings dirty. It may result in a weird kind of infection in the leggings, and they will smell bad.


Leggings are a comfortable piece of clothing. Leggings make intensive workouts great, easy for you to move around when busy, and comfortable throughout the day. Leggings will not only ensure that you look like you are on a mission but also make you look tall and give you the comfort you need.

No matter how much you put into it while buying the right leggings, you will stretch them out, and they will not look flattering once stretched out. Since the material is elastic, it will surely wear out over time. Following all these points mentioned above, you will be sure to increase the lifespan of your leggings and not have to buy one every two weeks.

By doing all of this, you will be able to ensure that you look flattering while wearing the leggings. This means that the leggings hug you in the most appropriate place. They will stay tight on your waist, hugging your hip in the most flattering way, ensuring that you are comfortable and enhancing your spiritual practice while you reduce your stress, clear your mind, and get physically fit. 

So, be sure to check everything before you go out to buy a new pair of leggings. Also, take every precaution to keep them fit for wearing after you buy them. Good luck!