Mantras For Healing

A Mantra is known as a religious declaration of a phrase of a group of words which have an effect on psychological and spiritual levels. These words are constantly being spoken silently or aloud. This way, the mantra can seep into the mind and make one calmer, especially during stressful events. But do you know that this is also a way to heal oneself?

There is already some scientific proof that mantras have good benefits on the body. One is the chanting of “om”. This is considered the most basic of all mantras. It has been proven that the vibrations produced from frequently chanting the mantra can activate the energy chakras. If we repeat a mantra and focus on a particular area of the body we can bring health and healing to that area.

Some also believe that mantras are a force from God which helps not only the spirit but the body as well, thus assisting in the healing process. Dr. Watkins, a neuroscience professor in Imperial College London has studied the musical structure of chanting mantras and he has found that the structure has an important and beneficial effect.

According to the results of the study, chanting mantras effectively decreases stress levels, reduces blood pressure, and improves how hormones function. Chanting can help eliminate addiction and has even been found to minimize depression as well as anxiety. This is a great coping mechanism compared to cigarette smoking and other unhealthy coping habits. It is also known to enhance memory and immune system function according to Diamond, a lecturer of Anatomy in the University of California.

Utilizing Mantras

For all the skeptics out there, there’s nothing to lose if tried. Mantras for healing wouldn’t be around if this technique has not been tried. This will require small effort but it will also need much trust. Chanting the mantras with a strong belief that these will heal you is very effective as this will initiate the energies that have been asleep within you.

The vibrations and sounds will go through every part of the body which can provide immediate relaxation and healing. It can assist healing in a particular part of the body if attention is being focused as the energy will flow to that part. This will also balance the energy of the chakras and open the blocked pathways of energy. Each and every one of us may have spiritual powers and chanting mantras can be a start in discovering these potentials.

Mantras For Healing

Words are powerful. Thinking about these words constantly is even more powerful because knowingly or unknowingly, these shape our minds and actions. These even affect our body. Most traditions all over the world utilize vibrations and sound to promote healing. Chanting a mantra has long been used in India from the Vedic tradition which also paved a way to the Vedic science of mantras.

There are different types of mantras: Deity, Japa, Meditation, Enlightenment, General, Healing, and Chakra. This article will focus only on the healing mantras. Initiating and repeating a healing sound and vibration to a part of the body that needs healing will assist in reinstituting the balance and harmony in that area. The most effective healing chakras can only be accessed by your yoga teacher but I’m going to share some of the basic and the most effective ones here.

The Basics of Chanting

Before chanting, relax your whole body and prepare to chant fully. Open your throat and mouth fully. Also, open your heart mind, this will allow you to be engulfed by the mantra you’re chanting. You should not be conscious of what other people will think, about how you look or sound while chanting the mantra. This should be a time for yourself and make you aware of everything that’s going on inside you.

  • Yaa yu yai: this is used for the jaw
  • Eeeemm: this is used for the eyes
  • Mmmm: this is used for the sinuses
  • Kaa Gaa Gha: this is used for the throat
  • Paam: used for the stomach
  • Lmm: used for the nose
  • Haa: used for the diaphragm
  • Mam: used for the reproductive organs
  • Ma: used for the heart
  • Shhh: use for the liver and small intestine
  • Ssss: used for the lungs and large intestine
  • Wooo: use for the bladder and kidneys
  • Uu-Ah-Ee-Mm: used for energizing
  • Mm-Ee-Ah-Uu: used for relaxation

How to Chant OM

  1. Initially take a deep breath
  2. Chant Aaa-Uuu-Mmm while exhaling slowly
  3. The vibrations of this chant will flow through your stomach (Aaa), chest (Uuu) and head (Mmm).
  4. Breathe and chant again for 3 minutes.

If you’re ready to expand your OM chant, try inhaling and chanting OM as you exhale. Continue chanting OM with each exhalation decreasing the volume a bit each time until the chant is almost a whisper. Become aware of the vibrations you are creating as well as the silence around you which opens you up to unlimited possibilities. Focus is vital here, if ever your mind wanders, return to chanting OM. Continue doing this for 10 minutes or more.

Bengali Poem

I particularly love this Bengali poem that speaks to me in a lot of different ways whenever I chant it:

With beaming face chant the sweet name of God

Till in your heart the nectar overflows.

Drink of it ceaselessly and share it with all!

If ever your heart runs dry, parched by the flames

Of worldly desire, chant the sweet name of God,

And heavenly love will moisten your arid soul.

Basically, mantras for healing are a way of speaking to your soul and loving yourself by words and vibrations that really help with how your body functions, how your mind thinks, and how you’re able to cope with everything that is going on in life.