Mental Benefits of Yoga
Mental Benefits of Yoga

There are many research studies that have been done showing the mental benefits obtained from practicing yoga. Improved symptoms of many common lifestyle conditions such as depression, hyperactivity and attention deficit, and sleep disorders all lead to a calmer, more centered nervous system which helps to sharpen your attention and concentration.

Yoga is also a way to improve your sense of being. It gives you the chance to better understand yourself and create a less judgemental relationship with who you seeing looking back at you in the mirror. As you start to build self-trust, you’ll notice it’s often easier to make healthy eating choices and exercise more because the unconscious mind is telling you “I’m worthy.” As your confidence builds and you’re more aligned with your authentic self, you start developing a healthier, more balanced ego, allowing you to feel as though you aren’t in a constant state of having to prove or hide anything. You feel more courageous and develop high willpower.

Your Relationship With Yourself

As part of building a better relationship with yourself, you’ll likely be more aware and accepting of your various qualities (some you may have never really tapped into or understood). The pairing of the lunar and solar (dark and light) in yoga will help you recognize various qualities in you. You can accept what is and choose to change or remain the same.

While you’re becoming more at peace with yourself, you will likely be the same way with your partner- and start seeing them through the same lens of unconditional and compassionate love. You probably find it easier to be less reactive and more empathetic.

Improved Behavior

All of these positive benefits have started to make it a go-to tool in psychotherapy and other medical professions. It’s also made its way into high schools where students are being mindful, showing improved behavior, and having increased moods when yoga is paired with PE versus taking only the PE.

A consistent yoga practice can provide more sustainable results but the moment you start taking deeper breaths, you’ll create an impact on your nervous system and move it from fight of flight to a calmer, more healing rest and digest state.

Adaptability For All

Many of the different forms of yoga are safe. However, there are some that may be too strenuous and might not be the right option for everyone. Elderly patients or those having problems with mobility should ask an experienced teacher for guidance on choosing the right class. It may also be wise to talk with their doctor before beginning a yoga practice.

For many of the patients that are dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress, yoga will be a good way of managing their symptoms better. The many studies that have been done on yoga have shown that physical and mental health are essentially equivalent. More studies are showing that yoga is low risk and will provide you with many benefits.