Should You Wash A Yoga Mat In The Washing Machine?

Using A Washing Machine To Clean Yoga Mats

There is no denying the positive effects of yoga on the body’s ability to stay flexible and the mind’s ability to achieve clarity. However, it can be challenging to get the most out of your practice when the yoga mat itself is emitting a pungent odor. While lots of yoga mats are advertised as being fine with machine washing, others are not. Therefore it is essential to read labels to make sure before throwing one in the washer.

Regardless of how hygienic a person is, a yoga mat is sure to pick up some stains and smells. Just placing bare feet on the mat is sure to cause dust, dirt, and other contaminants to be introduced to it. Oil and sweat from practicing will also facilitate bacterial growth. Using a washing machine to keep a yoga mat fresh and clean will help stop the spread of bacteria without a doubt. The result will be a healthy, new mat that will make daily practice much more pleasurable.

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Common Yoga Mat Varieties

Mats are made in a range of materials. Conventional versions are fabricated from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), though many have raised worries about the potential toxins emitted from this type of material. Thus, such mats are not as widely used as in the past. It is also possible to buy mats made from rubber and plastic that have been recycled. Natural fiber mats from jute, cotton, wool, and hemp are also gaining in popularity. Ultimately, a yoga mat is characterized by its somewhat sticky feel designed to prevent slippage during the array of poses to be attempted.

Cleaning Mats

Just unroll the mat itself and drop it into the washing machine. Try to place it evenly into the drum before adding some gentle detergent. Products made for baby clothing are great because they work well on human-generated stains. Use the gentle cycle with warm water. Should the machine develop an imbalance, just shut the power off momentarily and shift the mat around to distribute its weight better.

Getting The Mat Dry

Yoga mats are best when allowed to air dry. A dryer’s high heat is likely to cause damage to the mat’s material. Use a towel and roll the mat together with it, put some pressure on the length of the mat and remove excessive moisture. Then, unroll the mat and lay it flat in a room with proper circulation for the air-drying process. The mat may need a day or two to try fully, so make sure to plan.

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