Yoga Class Prices in 2024

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Yoga is training for the discipline of the human mind and body. It combines various factors like meditation, breathing, body relaxation, and posture. It is an artful science that focuses on bringing balance between the body and the mind.

Yoga Class Prices in 2022

While yoga began in India, it has been popular in the west for several decades. People of all ages join yoga classes online and offline to better care for themselves. However, as the practice of yoga becomes more common, yoga class prices also shift. If you are also searching for a yoga class near you, this article will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of pricing.

Benefits of Yoga

Before looking at yoga class prices, it is essential to understand its many mental and physical benefits. Some classes focus more on the mental benefits, while others focus entirely on your physical health. Learning about the benefits of yoga will give you a better idea of the type of yoga classes you want.


  • Better Sleep: Practicing yoga may greatly benefit you if you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep. Since yoga helps improve your mood, it can reduce most of your stress. This could help one with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Physical exercises might also allow you to fall asleep quicker at night. 
  • A Relaxed Mind: One of the most important benefits of yoga is a relaxed mind. The various breathing exercises, physical poses, and meditation methods help one clear unwanted thoughts.
  • Better Stress Management: Yoga can be highly effective in reducing stress and tension. It also helps you manage anxiety and handle mentally taxing situations better.


  • Muscle Strength and Flexibility: Yoga could help relieve muscle stress and make your body more flexible. It can also strengthen muscles and assist with healing.
  • Better Posture: The various yogic positions will give you better posture. Once you master these poses and practice them regularly, you will notice a change in how you carry yourself.
  • Relief From Chronic Back Pain: Better posture from yoga may possibly help greatly improve chronic back pain. Moreover, yoga can also stabilize your spine.
  • Stronger Immune System: One of the biggest causes of a weakened immune system is stress. Yoga is a great tool for stress relief. Hence, lower stress levels will help regulate your hormone levels and boost your immunity.

How Much Are Yoga Classes?

You can easily practice yoga in the comfort of your home without paying a dime. However, the risk of pulling a muscle by bending your body into unfamiliar positions is higher when you are unsupervised. While you might save money learning it on your own, a yoga class is safer for beginners.

You can find online supervised yoga classes if you do not want personal contact with the instructor. Apart from safety, yoga classes also keep you motivated. For example, special yoga therapy classes help you focus on the mental benefits of yoga for better concentration and motivation. Many classes offer unique practice structures for specific needs like curing certain ailments. There are several forms of yoga classes, each offering different benefits and facilities. 

Most yoga classes charge a nominal fee for joining and practicing. However, the fees of these classes vary depending on the type and level of yoga practices being taught. This section talks about the current prices for various levels and types of yoga classes.

Beginner Yoga Classes

These classes are ideal if you have never practiced yoga before. They cover the basics of all major forms of yoga, like “Vinyasa” and “Hatha.” They also help you learn how to keep your body posture right.

Beginner lessons are taught at a slow pace so that it is easy for you to mold yourself. You also learn meditation in these entry-level classes since it plays a vital role in calming your mind and enhances the effect you get from yoga. Beginner yoga postures include the cat pose, child pose, chair pose, and bridge pose. In addition, these poses can also help assist your breathing.

Beginner yoga classes cost as little as $10, up to $65 per hour. The charges are based on the level of training and services being offered. However, these prices may vary from area to area. 

Intermediate Yoga Classes

After practicing all the poses at the beginner’s level and learning how to balance your body, you can move to the next level. This level will help you increase your flexibility and offer more challenging poses. Furthermore, some poses at this level include the boat, bow, camel, etc. These poses mainly help strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. They also help in relaxing and making your shoulders, neck, and back more firm. Additionally, this level includes basic third eye meditation.

Yoga or fitness studios that offer classes at this level charge roughly $50 – $100 per session. Like beginner yoga classes, the prices for this level also vary from region to region.

Advanced Yoga Classes

Advanced yoga classes are for those who excel at all the previous poses. By this time, they have a good posture and better mental strength. However, being able to practice yoga physically is not the only factor. Many people are already flexible and healthy before joining yoga classes. The essence of yoga is learning to stretch away from stress and building self-discipline. This level of yoga will help you grow more focused and strengthen your core. The firefly pose, king pigeon pose, lizard pose, king cobra pose, and shoulder pressing pose are a few poses taught at an advanced level.

Yoga classes at an advanced level cost roughly $100 – $170 per hour.

Yoga Therapy Classes

While yoga is a therapeutic process in general, there are special yoga therapy classes for emotional and spiritual healing. These classes focus on poses and meditation techniques that specifically offer psychological relief. Thes classes range from $100 to $300, depending on where you go.

Specific Yoga Classes

Specific yoga classes include yoga practices for special conditions. Some examples include maternity yoga and yoga for asthma patients. Some yoga classes specialize in private sessions for to-be parents so pregnant women can take due advantage of the benefits of yoga for their health during pregnancy. The cost for these classes varies greatly, depending on the instructor, condition, and location. Specific yoga classes may cost anywhere between $30 – $100 monthly.

Online Yoga Classes

Online yoga classes are best for those who prefer staying in their own space. It is also cheaper than offline yoga since it saves transport expenses. Online yoga classes charges may vary from $5 to $12 per session or as much as $30 to $50 for a subscription.

Yoga DVDs

Yoga DVDs are an alternative to customized yoga classes and a do-it-yourself option. They are ideal if you want to practice yoga at your own time and pace but still need guidance. Moreover, yoga DVDs are much cheaper than any yoga class. It will be more cost-efficient even if you select a high-quality DVD from a reputable instructor.

Other Pricing Factors for Yoga Classes

Private or Group Sessions

Personalization is one of the main reasons yoga prices vary at all levels. While the instructor sets general goals for the entire class for group sessions, private sessions have unique goals. The instructor will plan your sessions according to your specific needs. You can also suggest the poses you want to learn to your instructor in a private session. However, these sessions usually cost more than group yoga classes.

Equipment Provided

Yoga is much cheaper than other physical exercises for muscle strengthening and requires minimal gear. While you require various gym apparel, you only need a mat to perform yoga.

Most yoga classes do not offer yoga mats, so you have to purchase your own. Select classes offer these mats, but they charge higher than others. You can also purchase basic yoga mats for under $20 – $30. If you require a higher quality model or a branded mat, the price could rise to $50.

Most yoga classes start with chanting or meditation, followed by light stretching to warm up the muscles, before moving into a sequence of poses. The yoga class will usually end with more stretching to cool down, followed by a period of final relaxation and meditation.

Your Yoga Package

The cost of a yoga class also depends on the class package you choose. Generally, yoga classes are available in hourly, monthly, or annual packages. The annual package is likely the most cost-efficient option in all cases. However, you should not go for the yearly package if you are unfamiliar with the instructor. In such cases, attend a trial session on online classes before deciding whether the class is a good match for you.


Yoga teachers can charge between $10 to $15 per hour in a group to teach yoga. Yoga class prices start low for beginner-level classes and greatly rise for the advanced level. Private yoga training costs between $50 to $80 per single class for entry-level classes and $150 to $175 for advanced classes. Moreover, some instructors may charge an additional $50 to $70 for personal sessions at home.

Whichever package you choose, ensure your yoga class and instructor suit your specific needs. Before signing up or paying for anything, you may want to watch the class for a bit or do a little research on the studio to make sure you get your money’s worth.