Yoga Weights

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The ancient practice of yoga is both fulfilling and challenging. Incorporating weights for yoga in your yoga sessions helps to add resistance training to your session. Additionally, using yoga weights during your routine can improve bone density and increase heart health and core strength.

Yoga Weights

Lifting weights combined with yoga can help you burn more calories and maintain a healthy weight. Yoga weights can either be handheld or ankle weights. Other weights include dumbbells and kettle weights.

This article reviews the best weights you can easily include in your yoga practice.

Best Weights for Yoga

1. Portzon Neoprene Dumbbells

The Portzon dumbbells weigh 1lb each, perfect for strength and core building. It is a great way to introduce weights into your yoga practice, as the weights are not so heavy.

These neoprene dumbbells are made of solid cast iron, and the high-quality neoprene coating gives them a good grip even while sweating. They are also hexagonal, with an anti-rolling feature that makes them simple to use.


  • Ergonomic handle for ease of gripping
  • Made of anti-collision safety materials 
  • High-grade, non-slip rubber coating
  • Non-toxic coating material 


  • Product is slightly pricey
  • Coating may be light

2. Wrist Weights Strenght Training

These wrist weights weigh 0.5 pounds and are ideal for aerobic and strength training. They are made with an adjustable wristband that is skin-friendly and comfortable for a custom fit. Great for long-term workouts and outdoor practice, these wristbands are suited for the go. In addition, this wrist weight is made of stainless metal wrapped in soft silicone. 


  • Metal weights do not rust
  • Made with silicone that will not irritate the skin
  • Adjustable strap for a custom fit
  • Wrist weight is washable


  • Weights are not very heavy
  • May not be convenient for people with slim wrists

3. Gaiam Ankle Weights

These ankle weights offer great support, as well as resistance strength training. They are made with high-quality Velcro and soft, durable material. The Velcro ensures that the weights do not slide or shift during yoga practice. The Gaiam ankle weights are one size fit most and weigh two and a half lbs each, helping to build lower body strength. 


  • Adjustable wrist straps
  • Provide resistance strength training
  • Reinforced stitching won’t wear easily


  • May not fit some ankles
  • Weighted with sand 

4. Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbell Set

The Amazon Basics set is distinctive in that it comes in a variety of weights. The set comprises a pair of two lb, three lb, and five lb weights for a total of 20 lbs. They are ideal for introducing resistance training into your yoga practice. These color-coded dumbbells are soft and coated with neoprene for a solid grip and durability. Furthermore, when kept, the hexagonally structured dumbbells don’t roll away. 


  • Comes in a set of three different sizes
  • Neoprene coating doesn’t get slippery
  • Comes with a stand for easy arrangement 
  • Color-coded with weight number printed on it for easy identification 


  • Stand is made of plastic
  • Grip may be wider than usual

5. Bean 10 lb Yoga Sandbag

The Bean yoga sandbag is well suited for the at-home yoga enthusiast. You can use this sandbag with a natural filling to add weight to squats, crunches, and bridges. The sandbag is leak-proof and evenly distributes the weight when in use. It is a perfect tool for working out on the go as it can fit easily in your workout bag. The Bean sandbag pairs well with various yoga poses and provides photography stability. 


  • Sand filling is locally sourced and ean 
  • Sand filling is dust and odor-free
  • Heavy duty leak-free nylon canvas bag
  • Comes with two handles for convenient gripping


  • Nylon cover might be slippery
  • Product is quite expensive 

Buying Guide

The type of weights you use for yoga is crucial; however, the exact product you need depends on the goal of your practice. Here are a few factors to consider before buying yoga weights. 


Weight is a crucial factor when considering buying yoga weights. Your skill level should decide the amount of weight you decide to buy. Most personal trainers recommend getting weights with which you can perform enough reps. For beginners, their choice would be a two or three-pound weight. Meanwhile, experienced users can go for weights up to 15 pounds. However, most yoga weights do not weigh more than five pounds. 


The material of the yoga weight you want to buy will determine how comfortable you will be. Most yoga weights are made with neoprene for durability, breathability, and handling. Others are silicone which is more sweat-resistant and easy to clean. You may find some weights made of lighter materials, but those are usually more prone to wear and tear. The weight material should not irritate your skin. Additionally, go for a material that is durable and easy to clean. 


Weight filling is also an important factor to consider. Manufacturers fill weights with sand, water, iron powder, or steel. Most users prefer sand because it molds to your body during use. However, there is the danger of leakage of the sand. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why add weights to yoga? 

Adding weight to yoga is a supplementary action. Yoga, in itself, is highly beneficial to the body and soul. However, some people want to release more muscle tension and subtly build core strength—thus, the need to add weights to yoga. 

2. What weight should I use as a beginner? 

For yoga, instructors suggest getting one, three, and five-pound weights, preferably for the wrists and ankles. However, the level of resistance you want is up to you.


Using weight training alongside your yoga practice leads to great payoffs. It can help build your core muscles and improve your heart and mental wellness. Additionally, they can help you burn more calories and build strength. Our top choice of yoga weights is the Portzon neoprene dumbbells, a great way to introduce weights in yoga.

Before buying yoga weights, consider your skill level, material, and filling of the weights. Furthermore, remember that using weights with yoga is meant to build resistance training, and the amount of resistance you want to experience is ultimately up to you. Thus, that should guide you on the weights for yoga that would be right for you and weight training can enhance the benefits of yoga.