Jade Harmony Professional Review

Whether you are practicing yoga for the first time or you are well-seasoned yoga expert, there will come a time that you will need to purchase your very own yoga mat. Choosing yoga mats can be quite difficult especially if the market has a variety of choices to choose from.

What are the features to look for in a yoga mat?

When planning to purchase a yoga mat, there are various factors that you might want to consider. Think about your unique body and yoga practice and determine if the mat meets your needs. Hopefully, after this thorough review of Jade Harmony Professional, you will be able to make an informed decision whether it is the right yoga mat for your yoga needs or not.

Thickness – The thickness of a yoga mat is important, as there are thick or thin yoga mats in the market. It will depend on the style of the yoga you will use it for. The thickness of a yoga mat will affect the stability and balance of the yogi when performing various yoga poses. The best yoga mat will have the right amount of thickness and therefore, provide the perfect balance and stability in order to perform different yoga poses.

Traction or Grip – The traction and the ability of the mat to provide grip to prevent the yogi from slipping and sliding while performing various flow of poses is important. If the yoga mat does not have the right amount of grip, there is a possibility of slipping and sliding and this can cause serious injuries and as well as interrupt your yoga sessions. If you tend to sweat a lot or you are planning to attend Hot yoga classes, you will need a yoga mat that is absorbent and with excellent traction properties.

Materials – Some yoga mats are made from PVC, chemicals and other toxic substances. When looking for a yoga mat, make sure to look for those that are made from all-natural, biodegradable, environmental-friendly materials that makes it safe for your health to use and as well as the environment. This yoga mat is a perfect combination of great balance, comfortable but not too soft. If the material of a yoga mat is too soft, it will make standing balance poses difficult, especially when performing poses that require balancing on one leg.

Comfort and Stability – Comfort of a yoga mat is important and must be considered when purchasing a yoga mat. The thickness of the yoga mat will greatly affect the comfort it gives, especially to those who have knee or joint pains. The thickness of the yoga mats usually vary and make sure to check if they will be comfortable enough and have the right amount of cushion when performing different yoga poses such as Pigeon pose or Downward Dog pose. The stability and balance a yoga mat provides will greatly affect the yogi’s yoga experience. There are challenging and difficult poses that will require great stability in order to be successful in doing the said poses, such as headstands and Cat or Cow poses.

Dimensions and Weight – The weight and measurements of a yoga mat will also affect your yoga practice. For taller individuals, longer and wider mats are recommended in order for them to practice yoga with ease and not worrying if the yoga mat will bunch up. Wider and longer mats will also provide the hygiene aspect that will prevent you from touching the carpet or hard-surface yoga studio floors. The weight of a yoga mat is important for those who are always on the go and traveling and prefer to do yoga frequently. A lightweight yoga mat is easy to carry, just roll it up and strap it in your backpack and you are good to go.

Durability – The materials used in making a yoga mat will affect the durability and its sturdiness. If it is made from cheap materials, it will easily break and will not last long especially if you will be practicing yoga on a regular basis. Some PVC mats flake, wear down and lose their traction after a few uses. Buying cheap yoga mats is not being practical because you will most likely buy one every 2-3 months, while yoga mats with higher quality will tend to last longer and in the long run will save you more money.

Features  of the Jade Harmony Professional

Jade|Yoga is a company that branched from Jade Industries Inc. which started during the 1970s and were selling rubber rugs and carpets. After researching, sampling and testing for a few years they were able to create a yoga mat that offers comfort, made from all-natural products and non-slip texture that prevents slipping and sliding when performing yoga poses. They launched their yoga mat brand during 2012.

Jade Harmony Professional is made from all-natural rubber with an open-cell structure. It provides the right amount of grip that is perfect for vigorous yoga practice. It is the most popular yoga mat of the brand and it works well for various types of yoga, such as Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, and Iyengar. It is made in the USA and guarantees that they followed all the various environmental, consumer and labor laws. It does not contain PVCs, EVA or other harmful substances. It is available in various color choices for you to choose from which guarantees that there is a color that will fit your personality. Its dimension measurements are Thickness 3/16 x Width 24 x Length 68 or 74 inches and weigh 4 lbs. and 9 oz.

When caring for your Jade Harmony Professional, it may be one of the challenging ones compared to others. When you try to wipe the mat before or after using it, since it is made with open cell rubber structure, it tends to collect lint and pet hair. It will require deep cleanings which can be done inside the shower or tub. It is not advisable to leave under the sun to completely dry it as it will make the material deteriorate easily. It tends to dry longer than the other yoga mats in the market. It usually takes 2 days to completely dry it out unless you place it in front of a fan. The manufacturer instructions say you can wash it using a front-loading washing machine on gentle setting.

Benefits – Jade Harmony Professional is comfortable to use. Its thickness provides enough cushion which helps in stability and balance when performing various yoga poses. It also has non-slip properties that help the mat to stay firmly in one place when using it during yoga sessions. It will not move around even when you sweat a lot. The yoga sessions will be greatly enjoyable and safe from injuries when performing difficult poses such as headstands. This yoga mat is durable and sturdy; it will perform according to your expectations and will last longer compared to other yoga mats in the market. Cheap yoga mats that are made from PVCs will easily flake and deteriorate the more you use them. Jade Harmony Professional is made from rubber and all-natural substances. It does not contain toxic and harmful substances like PVCs and other harsh chemicals that will not only affect your health; it will also be harmful to the environment. This yoga mat is safe to use and gentle on your skin. It is easy to maintain, it can be hand washed using warm water and mild soap and air dry away from sunlight. Jade Harmony Professional yoga mat comes in various color choices such as Black, Slate Blue, Teal, Midnight Blue, Raspberry, Purple, Orchid, Red, Olive Green, and Tibetan Orange. You are guaranteed you can find the perfect color that will match your personality.

Reviews – Users found this mat to be sticky and compact. It is made from all-natural materials and it is commendable for users who care for the environment. When used during different yoga styles, it offered great traction whether wet or dry. It is perfect for individuals who tend to sweat a lot, it prevents them from slipping and sliding when performing different yoga poses. It is easy to transport and carry. It is comfortable and offers a cushion for the knees, hips and other joints. Some users mentioned it is not the perfect choice for Hot yoga since its open cell rubber structure absorbs moisture, oils, and sweat and it is slow to dry.

When it comes to sturdiness and durability, the Jade Harmony professional is not considered to be the most durable in the market. After a few months of use, there were wearing on the feet area especially when performing Vinyasa Yoga. The traction is good however, there were particles that have broken off which easily means that the lifespan of the mat is shortened. In order to increase the lifespan of the mat, make sure to never leave exposed under direct sunlight or inside a hot car for a long time. Since the mat is made from rubber, it will easily disintegrate and break down.

Pros – It does not need to be broken in, you can use it during day one. Open-cell construction provides traction and grip when performing a variety of yoga poses. It absorbs sweat and moisture well. It prevents slipping and sliding when performing challenging poses. It is made from Eco-friendly rubber and no harmful substances like PVCs or EVA. It weighs 4.5 lbs.; it is easy to roll up and you can carry it when attending yoga classes. It provides comfort and the right amount of cushion to protect your knees, hips and other joints. It has great traction even when dry or wet.

Cons – Its open cell construction will absorb moisture, oils, and sweat meaning it is not advisable to be used in Hot Yoga classes. It can easily get dirty depending on the frequency of use. Since it is made of rubber, it has that rubbery smell that will not go away during the first two weeks; individuals who do not like strong smells will not like this mat. It is not as durable when compared to its counterparts in the market. It attracts pet hair, lint etc. It is not advisable to expose under direct sunlight as it will easily deteriorate the rubber material.

In conclusion, the Jade Harmony Professional is perfect for yogis who want a mat that provides traction and grip, its sticky open cell structure prevents one from slipping and sliding off their mats during challenging and difficult yoga poses. This mat is recommended for various yoga styles. It provides support and cushion for vigorous routines and even for Restorative Yoga as well. It is also able to absorb moisture, sweat, and oils from your hands. It is only 3/16 inch thick so it is easy to roll up and carry around when attending yoga classes. It is safe to use with its all-natural, Mother Earth-friendly substances and it is guaranteed that it does not contain toxic chemicals. For individuals who are socially inclined will be glad to know that Jade has a partnership with Trees for the Future and they plant a tree for every mat they were able to sell, and so far they were able to plant more than one and a half million trees.