How Often Should You Do Yoga?

It's super common for yogis, especially beginners, to wonder how often they should practice. The good thing is that the answer largely depends on the person practicing and what they want to experience. Since yoga is such a vast practice with hundreds of physical poses, many breathing techniques, chanting, subtle bodywork, meditation, self-study, and so much more - it's very safe and very beneficial to incorporate it into your everyday life. Since yoga just as much, if not more, about getting to know yourself as it is about becoming more flexible. So, it's up to you to try things to see [...]

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8 Great Yoga Poses For The Morning

If you saw our post about why it's so beneficial to practice yoga first thing in the morning but you're not sure how to get started, this posts for you. Technically, any pose can be done in the morning so you can't really go wrong but if it's the first thing you do when you roll out of bed you'll be doing yourself a favor if you start with some more gentle poses to warm up your body a bit and lengthen your muscles and fascia that can get tight while we're at rest. Here are few examples of poses that [...]

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Yoga for IBS

There are several practices within yoga that have been proven to alleviate painful, unwanted digestive symptoms. What makes this even more alluring is that yoga techniques can also improve digestive function - unlike pills which usually only provide temporary relief for symptoms. Scientists have discovered there is a strong connection between what is happening in our digestive system and what is happening in our brain. Have you ever noticed your brain feels foggy or that you're more forgetful when you're bloated, gassy, or backed up? This is just one of many ripple effects that occur when our gut is not flowing at [...]

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Top 10 Yoga Poses For Beginners

There are hundreds of yoga poses available for you to practice and countless variations of those poses to help you achieve wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. With that said, when you're just getting started with a yoga practice you can narrow things down a lot by using a few foundational poses that can help to build your confidence, strength, balance, increase endurance and prepare you to move through more intermediate and/or advanced yoga poses when you're ready. Before we share some of our favorite yoga poses for beginners, let's review a few other helpful tips to keep in mind when [...]

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Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

How Yoga Can Improve Your Spiritual Health What's your definition of spirituality? Spirituality is universal, yet in many ways, it's personal, just like yoga itself. There are countless benefits to practicing yoga. Many people enjoy it because it helps them to feel good and fit physically. Others love a peaceful hour away from their busy lives. For many, what makes yoga special, is the spirituality. Yoga Benefits More Than Your Physical Health In our culture, yoga is often thought of as a physical exercise. If you consistently practice certain types of yoga regularly you'll improve your strength, stamina, and develop great [...]

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Should You Wash A Yoga Mat In The Washing Machine?

Using A Washing Machine To Clean Yoga Mats There is no denying the positive effects of yoga on the body's ability to stay flexible and the mind's ability to achieve clarity. However, it can be difficult to get the most out of your practice when the yoga mat itself is emitting a pungent odor. While lots of yoga mats are advertised as being fine with machine washing, others are not, therefore it is important to read labels in order to make certain before throwing one in the washer. Regardless of how hygienic a person is, a yoga mat is certain to [...]

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Physical Benefits of Yoga

How Yoga Can Improve Your Physical Health If you are passionate about practicing yoga, then you most likely have noticed some benefits - perhaps you feel more at ease and relaxed, get fewer colds or sleep better. However, if you have tried to tell a beginner about all of the important benefits that yoga has to offer, you may find explanations such as "it increases energy along your spine" or "it increases prana flow" to fall on skeptical or deaf ears. Research on Yoga's Benefits Western science has started to provide some strong evidence on how yoga keeps sickness under control, [...]

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Mental Benefits of Yoga

There are many research studies that have been done showing the mental benefits obtained from practicing yoga. Improved symptoms of many common lifestyle conditions such as depression, hyperactivity and attention deficit, and sleep disorders all lead to a calmer, more centered nervous system which helps to sharpen your attention and concentration. Yoga is also a way to improve your sense of being. It gives you the chance to better understand yourself and create a less judgemental relationship with who you seeing looking back at you in the mirror. As you start to build self-trust, you’ll notice it’s often easier to make [...]

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How To Use Vinegar To Clean Your Yoga Mat

If you smell something strange when you are in a child's pose, then it could be your yoga mat that smells. It really is true. Using your mat on a regular basis combined with body oil, dirt, dust, sweat and other types of debris can really add up, and leave your mat with an odor that most likely you will want to avoid. You are, after all, standing in your bare feet on it. Don't worry. There are even solutions that are available for those of us who are lazy or very busy. Depending on the style of yoga that you [...]

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How To Make A Natural DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga, as a physical exercise, involves poses and positions that anyone can do regardless of your age or body type. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of bending, balancing, and sweating involved. But thanks to your yoga mat, you can do these different poses and feel relaxed and more energized. And when it’s time for you to take a bath, so does your yoga mat. Cleaning your yoga mat doesn't necessarily have to involve immersing it in water like your typical laundry. It can be as quick and easy as spraying it with an antibacterial solution so that it won’t become [...]

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