Best Yoga Mat Bags

1. Large Yoga Mat Bag with Pockets by YogaAddict

This bag is available in a variety of colors (yellow, red, purple and pink). Made of 100% polyester, it is very durable and so easy to clean. If you are always on the go and usually prefer one bag for all events to get through to the day then this Large Yoga Mat Bag with Pockets by YogaAddict is the best choice for you as you can fit all your essentials here like your yoga mat, clothing, towel, straps, wallet, keys etc. Additionally, this is known for its simple, convenient and durable design which is great when you are always rushing around. This Yoga mat bag is 28 inches long which fits almost any length of the mat.


  • Zippered, which secures your belongings well inside the bag without worrying about spilling or dirtying
  • Lightweight and convenient, good  if you’re heading home from your yoga class or the other way around
  • The zippered pocket outside the bag is very useful in keeping my earphones and other stuff in place.
  • There are pockets inside too which are webbed which is great to contain my socks or cards
  • It has a ventilation opening which is great to keep my things away from much odor as much as possible
  • The adjustable straps fit your height easily and make it very convenient to carry it around. You can even unclip the straps and tuck it inside a bigger bag.


  • May not be useful for long commutes or when you’re coming from work
  • Cylindrical duffel bags may have limited space for other essentials
  • Longer mats may not fit in
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2. Manduka Go Play 3.0 Yoga Mat Sling

This is a really fashionable bag for your yoga mat, and not only that, it is also multi-purpose. Meaning it can fit all your important stuff without looking bulky since it looks low profile as designed. The buckles can be easily released if you want plus they are very durable. It also comes with a warranty.


  • It has two large buckles dissipating the notion that sling carriers are confusing to use.
  • Simple and functional, this type of yoga mat carrier is as basic as it gets
  • Everything is adjustable thus it easily accommodates any yoga mat size, It doesn’t matter if the yoga mat is long or short, the Manduka Manduka Go Play 3.0 Yoga Mat Sling secures your mat wherever you go and no matter what you do!


  • As obvious as it seems, it does not have enough space for your extra set of clothes and things such as my keys, phone, and cards. I did solve the extra set of clothes problem by rolling them with my mat though, but it takes a lot of time and it’s unhygienic.
  • No compartments for my yoga blocks and other stuff
  • I cannot bring it to work
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3. Yoga Mat Tote Bag by Peace Yoga

The reason why this tote bag was created by Peace Yoga is that yoga is supposed to be peaceful and without all the clutter. So does your mat carrier should be. Lightweight yet durable, the Yoga Mat Tote Bag by Peace Yoga is also a very good choice because it functions for every type of purpose. Its main pocket is zippered making it a secure place for all your essentials even if you’re out doing yoga.


  • As mentioned earlier, the yoga mat tote bag is very stylish as it can come in different designs and this mat tote bag is the best example. The Yoga Mat Tote Bag by Peace Yoga comes in four different colors. The designs are yoga themed and can be stylish as much as you want.
  • It is made not only to secure and allow you to carry your yoga mat but also other yoga props and extras.
  • Tote bags are known for being spacious and their inner compartments all zipped in one bag. Secure, safe and away from dust, dirt, water, and sunlight (not to mention nosy people). It is big enough to keep mats no matter how thick and it also allows you to keep several sets of clothes.
  • This is a great all-around bag! Perfect for those who want to go to yoga classes before work or after work. It also saves you from the dilemma of having to carry a lot of bags.
  • My friend’s favorite is the two adjustable straps which are not a common feature of a regular tote bag.
  • There are Velcro strips which securely closes the straps.


  • May not be able to carry heavier and thicker mats
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4. Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bag

The Yoga mat tote bag by Gaiam are made of cotton which is lined with nylon to prevent moisture from building up. It has magnetic straps which makes it quicker for you to get your essentials especially if you are a person on the go. The external compartment is zippered as well as the inside pocket to keep your things securely.


  • It has a simple yet stylish design that most reviews claim to like.
  • The Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bag is hard-wearing and effective in holding your things together. It is totally made of cotton making it environmentally-friendly and its interiors have nylon lining. The lining is nylon to prevent the moisture from building up and to avoid the reek of sweat and growth of germs on your yoga mat and essentials.
  • The design is chic and simple
  • I really like how any length of yoga mat can be fitted inside this bag.
  • It has several compartments for your things like yoga equipment, keys, phone and etc. It includes two zippered pockets outside too. The main compartment is not zippered but it has got this magnetic snap that shuts easily.
  • The shoulder straps are very easy to carry


  • However, yoga mats which are over 28 inches wide wouldn’t fit this bag
  • The main compartment is not zippered, so if the magnetic snap gets damaged, your things might fall out
  • Can be small for your other essentials
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5. Lole Yoga Mat Bag

This mesh bag has adjustable straps that are very convenient to carry around anywhere and anytime! It also features an outer pocket to keep extra essentials away from your sweaty mat and clothes. The mesh bag from Lole is well ventilated keeping your yoga mat fresh and free from moisture.


  • You can store all your essentials in an outer pocket which is zippered.
  • The mat can be kept cylindrical mesh bag which allows air circulation to flow well.
  • The strap is adjustable which is great for whatever purpose you want and how you want to wear it.
  • Very durable, this yoga bag is made of nylon which allows cleaning a piece of cake.
  • It has a cute design and it comes in different colors too.


  •  It has limited spaces and compartments. Not very good for those who go from one place to another
  •  It’s a bit too expensive with not so much features
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6. Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack

This sling backpack for your yoga mat is extremely durable and great even if you go on hiking or biking and even traveling. Made of heavy-duty polyester, the Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack will surely put your yoga mat in place and separate from your essentials.


  • Very durable, it is made of robust polyester. I have one which is almost one year old now and it still serves its purpose. It holds my yoga mat pretty well.
  • Gotta love the straps, they’re very wide, heard-wearing, double-enforced and adjustable with a buckle that can be easily locked. The strap even has a pocket for your phone!
  • It has a liner for your post-workout clothes also known as a wet liner so you won’t have to worry about your sweaty and smelly clothes contaminating your stuff.
  • This bag is very spacious with two additional and equally spacious zippered pockets where I put my clothing and essentials such as work shoes and etc. An additional water bottle holder is one of the great features of the Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack
  • It comes in a variety of colors: green, purple, blue, black, grey and red. It also is available in colored stripes. Talk about style!
  • Well-built as a multi-purpose bag, the Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack can also be carried to school, the beach and the gym or anywhere you want to go.


  • However, it only has limited capacity to carry a yoga mat under 5 pounds and nothing more.
  • I actually had a problem with the zipper which I just fixed. I noticed that the zipper pull may detach after long use (or is it how I pull it)
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Things To Consider When Choosing A Yoga Mat Bag

Material – this is one of the most important things to look into when looking for the best yoga mat bag. Is the yoga mat bag water and weather resistant? Can it protect your valuables from humidity and water? How about when the rain pours so hard or when you accidentally dropped it in mud? The best yoga mat bag can basically protect your stuff from all these factors.

Durability – since it contains your valuable belongings including your set of clothes, keys, phone, credit cards etc. It is only vital to choose a durable one that does not break easily even with all these things stuffed into your yoga bag. The best yoga mat bag would still keep your things intact despite the long-term wear and tear.

Size and capacity – choosing the size would also depend on the type of yoga you’re doing. If you’re doing yoga with equipment then you would definitely need a bigger yoga bag. There are other yoga bags that may look smaller in size but have a bigger holding capacity which makes it very convenient to carry around. You can opt to purchase a bag that can hold different mat sizes in case you decide to buy a new mat. There should be an additional room like small compartments or pockets on the bag for your essentials like a fresh set of clothes, towel, money etc.

Straps – we all know that straps should be sturdy otherwise what’s the use?  The best yoga mat bag should allow you to carry everything from yoga or after yoga classes. Of course, these should be adjustable. The length of the straps should be adjusted according to which height you are most comfortable with. The straps should have padding that will make carrying around your mat bag comfortable. This allows extra support when your bag is heavier than usual and you need to carry it around for some time.

Multipurpose or not? – this depends on your preferences. If you prefer to have a yoga class before work then you can opt to buy a multipurpose bag which will allow you to go to work looking professional. If you have a lot of things planned like going shopping or traveling, a multipurpose yoga mat bag will do well. If your yoga venue is near your residence then you can opt for a bag simply made for yoga mats.

Style – this includes the design and the color of the yoga mat bag. The style should, of course, match your personality; however when you bring your yoga mat bag to work the style should not negatively affect your appearance and impression.

Exchange or Return Policy – it is a quality of a trustworthy and reputable bag company to have an exchange or return policy.  Most companies also have a replacement guarantee for bags that are defective.

Types of Yoga Mat Bags to Choose From

Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

This is the most common type of yoga mat bag as this encloses the bag wholly. It comes in any design be it cylindrical or rectangular. This is the most traditional way to carry your yoga mat bag which has one strap which can be worn on one shoulder or across the chest over the shoulder.

Yoga Mat One-sling or Two-sling Harness or Carrier

This is one of the simplest types of yoga mat bags which is popular among minimalists. Can be worn in two ways (across the chest or on one shoulder), the yoga mat harness is a good choice for those who only carry a few things around or for those who don’t have much to go during the day.

Yoga Mat Tote Bag

I haven’t really used this type of yoga mat bag but I have read reviews about it and I know some yogist friends who use a yoga mat tote bag. From what I’ve read and seen, this is the easiest to say that this is one of the stylish yoga mat carriers out there.

Yoga Mat Mesh Bag

Mesh bags are long used in the gym for providing good ventilation which maintains your belongings odor-free and away from the icky moisture and dirt of your sweaty used clothes. I have been considering on getting one since I have read numerous good reviews about this particular yoga mat mesh bag.

Yoga Mat Backpack

Backpacks are one my favorites because of the convenience to carry them around. Yoga mat backpacks are one of the common types being used by yogists who have to go to many places in one day like going to a picnic or even traveling.